If your answer is yes you'll need a distraction-free, "All-About-You" day with an certified health & wellness coach who has proven systematized, solutions with easy to do, customized for you, holistic action steps that you can implement immediately for RAPID, RADICAL RESULTS.

Are you a believer who's desire for health and emotional healing has you stuck in a state of helplessness and procrastination, or so confused about what to do, that you find yourself chasing one "bright, shiny object" after the next, only to find it's "fool's gold"? Maybe you're like I was when I was in my "COCOON EXPERIENCE"... you have a serious illness and you're emotionally broken. However, you don't trust Western medicine (the Medical Matrix) so you suffer through it, desperately seeking other ways to heal your body and soul.

To come out of your "cocoon experience" and live your majestic life, you must have a guide who has victoriously come out of a place of illness, lack and deep darkness themselves.

I would have paid any price to have had the knowledge and support God has given me to share with others today. As I always say, for starters, I needed someone who could help me deal with all of the emotional gunk and junk that was greatly responsible for making me ill, and keeping me broke, busted and disgusted in the first place.

Here's the thing beloved, most of us have no problem finding people who want to keep us small, in a box, and not recognizing our fullest potential. I myself spent years in close relationships with "friends", customers, business associates and a couple of in-laws like that. The challenge is finding a mentor and supporter that wants to bring out your brilliance and make you shine. Someone who actually has the anointing and the tools to expand you beyond your wildest dreams.

The VIP DAY You Choose Will Be Determined By The Transformation You Most Want In Your Life


The many loved ones in my life who have died way too early from controllable circumstances have inspired me to give generously, care deeply, and FIGHT DOGGEDLY FOR RACIAL LIFE TRANSFORMATIONAL CHANGES in the lives of the clients that the Lord blesses me with.

Which means STANDING IN THE GAP FOR YOU, as I walk you through, step by step, how to eradicate, resolve or rise above your most pressing problems, and most urgent need. The ACCELERATION VIP DAY offers the "hands-on" approach most people are missing. 

Radical Change Cause For Radical Action ~ This is what it takes to shakes things up in the spirit realm and turn the universe in your direction.

I no longer feel uncomfortable asking for and receiving the fees for our Sharing The Bliss programs (which are less then half of what the coaches I've worked with are asking for). In fact I get excited every time, because the Holy Spirit has taught me the law of expansion. Every program He's guided me to create for Sharing The Bliss has expanded me before I made a dime. The law of expansion causes everything that is in the space of that which is expanding to shift. It will either expand too, or move out of the way. The reality is, bigger your God-given dreams, the bigger the support container you'll need.

"Give a man a fish you feed him for a day; teach him how to fish you feed him for a lifetime.

Imagine having a distraction-free, "All-About-You" day with a certified anointed, HOLISTIC COACH who's  ready to listen to your heart and soul, and help you heal from the inside out can not only shave (10) years off your wellness journey, it could save your life! Imagine receiving a BLUEPRINT and a clear step-by-step HOLISTIC ACTION PLAN to show you how to completely transform your body and soul.

Healed & Whole... Body & Soul VIP DAY

This Wellness Fast Track Is For You If...

Has food, weight and/or health related issues been affecting your life?

Are you ready to unplug from the Medical Matrix?

Are you ready to invest in YOUR life without excuses?

Have you been praying for the right support?

The world’s way of physical health, mental health, and weight loss is failing us because it's not our way. Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, South Beach Diet, Nutri-System and all the other weight loss programs, powders and pills that the world is offering us are not faith-based, nor are they holistic (connecting spirit, soul & body). They’re not designed to heal and nourish your spirit, mind and body, which is why even if you get to your “healthy weight” you won’t stay there. Until you learn how to detox your body and begin to cook and eat Kingdom Consciously, you will stay shackled to the world’s fear, lack, low level energy and the Medical Matrix.

This is an example of what you VIP Day can look like...

Green Smoothie Lesson (Lets make a smoothie) ~ Learn the secrets to preparing one of the most important wellness meals.
Health & Wellness Assessment "Solutions" Review ~ I will go through your Heal & Wellness Assessment Form and "Life Wheel" (that you've completed) to review and target the issues that are affecting your health and wellbeing. With that data I will create your Wellness Wheel" and Daily Food Chart".
Food Planning ~ We will go through the many delicious options you have for replacing your current unhealthy food choices on your normal shopping list. We will
Kingdom Cooking Kitchen Setup ~ I will go over all of the necessary tools and appliances you will need to create your Kingdom Kitchen.
Health Food Store Food Shopping Lesson & Tour ~ We will take a trip to a well stocked health food store where I'll teach you money-saving secrets to shopping for the organic food. I'll show you the pantry basics and superfoods you'll need to "detox your kitchen" and  supercharge your mind and body.
Kingdom Cooking Class ~ During this hands-on cooking class you'll learn all the fundamentals of delicious, health-transforming food as we prepare a (3) Vegan meals, snacks, beverages and (3) desserts. You will also learn how to prepare food in advance and pack your snacks and lunch boxes.

Up To $1000 IN BONUSES:

My "Miracle Meals That Heal" Cookbook ($29.97 Value)

28 Day Body & Soul Detox Program Binder ($49.97 Value)

Delicious Organic Meals, Drinks & Snacks ($150 Value) Live VIP Days Only

1/2 Hour Follow Up Call ($150 Value)

A Custom Created  Wellness Guide Sheet ($150 Value)

 An Invite to the Healed, Whole, Body & Soul `6 Month Group Program for $55 per month ($100 off normally monthly fee)

All Books & Materials will be sent to you in downloadable PDF format


At The End of The Day You Will...
  • know how to set p for kitchen for wellness.
  • know how to save time and money shopping for food.
  •  protect you and your family from avoidable illness and the side affect of medicine.
  • know how to eat to attain and maintain your "healthy weight" forever.
  • know how to save money while eating delicious, healing food.
  • have skills that will last a lifetime.
  • had enjoyed an entire day focused on YOU and your personal needs and desires.
  • You Can Come To Me:

    Join me at my home in Staten Island, NY (just a ferry ride from the greatest city in the world NY) for an incredible one day of private one-on-one coaching and training that is all about your most urgent need, to get healthy and whole body and soul. Investment for this option includes cost of all food eaten and prepared. It does not food that you purchase from the shop & tour nor does it include your travel or lodging expenses. Payment must be completed on or before your VIP DAY.

    Or I Can Come To You:

    If you're in the Tri- State area I will be happy to come to you for an incredible one day of private one-on-one coaching and training that is all about your most urgent need, to get healthy and whole, body and soul. Investment for this option does not including the purchase of the food we will need to prepare and eat during the day. There is a minimal additional cost of $400 for this option (see below).

    If you live outside of the Tri-State area or out of the country air fare and hotel expenses will be added to the cost of me coming to you.

    FULL DAY (At Sharing The Bliss) TOTAL INVESTMENT ~ $1,197

    Payment Option #1   Invest In Full ~ $1,097 (SAVE $100) 

    Payment Option #2 A Payment Arrangement can will be made to be completed prior to VIP DAY

    (At Your Home In The Tri-State) TOTAL INVESTMENT ~ $1,597

    Payment Option #1   Invest In Full ~ $1,497 (SAVE $100) 

    Payment Option #2 A Payment Arrangement can be made to be completed prior to VIP DAY


    Payment Option #1   Invest In Full ~ $697 (SAVE $100) 

    Payment Option #2 A Payment Arrangement can will be made to be completed prior to VIP DAY




    (YOU and ANOTHER) TOTAL INVESTMENT ~ $600 each

    You and a friend will share the day together.

    (Please add an additional $150 person if I'm coming to you)



    (GROUP Of 3) TOTAL INVESTMENT ~ $400 each

    Invite two friends to join and save.

    (Please add an additional $100 per person if I'm coming to you)