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The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, and He has anointed me to teach you how to live holistically. Now don't be skarr-ed, this is not a New Age movement, or some spooky new form of Christianity (Coach Carmen Don't Play That)! Okay... I hear you asking "But what does that have to do with raw food, and what exactly is raw food anyway?"

Child of God hear me. We were created by a Holistic God, and He created us as holistic beings. Holistic living for me as a believer is simply aligning all (3) parts of my being (spirit, soul and body) with that of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. I believe that living this way will free us from the "Medical Matrix".

Believers who live holistically tend to be heart-centered people who walk in the light of God's love. They have peaceful souls, and their words and thoughts are clean and clear. They're blissful Superbeings who naturally seem to attract more fun, more joy, and more favor into their lives. They are master manifesters because their mind, body & spirits are aligned with both the giver (God) and the gift (those things they are believing God for).

You may say... "Excuse me Coach Carmen that sounds great, but I don't know too many Christians who live like that." And I'll say; the reason being is we have not accepted the fact that... WE ARE WHAT WE EAT!... That's the missing part of the "Treasure Map" to the Kingdom of God within. Kingdom Conscious Eating and Treating Your Body Like The Sacred Temple that it is. Kingdom Conscious Eating consist of mostly high vibrational food (organic, living food). Why? Because this food is closest to the original food created by God, which means that His life energy is in the food. You see, in order to live in the frequency of the Kingdom (above the world's frequency), you have to eat high frequency food. I know this may sound a bit strange, so breathe it in, and filter it through the Holy Spirit because this is vital.

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I have a few questions for you beloved. Are you ready to heal your body, get supercharged and clear your brain fog? Would you like to revise the signs of aging, strengthen your spirit and lose that weight forever? Would you like to be sexier to your spouse? Are you ready to align yourself with all of the beauty and bliss of life?

About nine years ago, I was very interested in going raw, at least long enough to heal my sick blood and intestines. No one I knew had a clue about it. Sadly I eventually gave up the pursuit and paid a serious price. When it all hit-the-fan in 2007, it was raw organic food that play a huge part in saving my life.

Jesus said ‘I set before us good and evil, blessings and cures -- Choose life so that you shall live.’ When I was in my “cocoon experience” I chose life and I lived.

Replacing cooked food with RAW ORGANIC FOOD is the simplest way to heal your body and restore soul. Sickness and disease is at an all time high, because we are not feeding our bodies enough (organically grown) living food. .


What is Raw Food?

Raw Food, also known as Living Cuisine, or Raw Vegan Food consist of plants, fruits, seeds, nuts, and spouted grains that have not been cooked or heated over 118 degrees. The reason they are considered raw or living food is because their enzymes have not been destroyed.

Cooking food not only destroys the delicate enzymes, it causes food to lose much of its nutritional value. Enzymes are what gives food life. They are the catalysts responsible for cleansing, rebuilding and rejuvenating our blood, bone and tissue. Vitamins minerals, oxygen, proteins and carbohydrates depend on the power of enzymes to feed, heal and rebuild. No wonder most Americans are tired, over weight, sick, are simply not living life full out. When you consider that every function of our bodies dependent on enzymes it’s a miracle that we’re able to exist as well as we do.

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Is Raw Food For Everyone?

Many people including myself believe that God originally created the body, soul and spirit of man to be most compatible to living, uncooked, plant-based food. This is confirmed first in Genesis 1:29 "And God said, "See I have given you every herb that yields seed which is on the face of the earth, and every tree whose fruit yields seed; to you it will be for food." And just in case it wasn't clear enough for us, the Word continues in Genesis 2:8-9 by saying... "The Lord God planted a garden eastward of Eden, and there He put the man whom He had formed. And out of the ground the Lord God made every tree grow that is pleasant to the sight and good for food." God placed the first man and woman that He created in a garden that He created and lavishly supplied it with fruits trees and leaves for food and medicine... HELLOOOO!!!! :-)

Now in saying that, I will also say that lots of transitions have occurred on earth since then, such as the fall of man which greatly changed the natural order of things. I believe that there were regions of people who lived in climates that made eating flesh necessary in some way, which has cause people of that lineage to do better consuming meat than others. Of course as time passed, flesh became an accepted part of man's diet, even by God. The issue is, as things continued to evolve, eating flesh has begun to work against us big time. So to clearly answer this question I will say that, yes everybody is different, with different blood types and bloodlines. What this the same however is the need for everyone  to sustain from all animal related food and eat a Raw Vegan diet for a period of time. The longer they continue to eat "clean" the more their bodies will heal and regenerate. Often people begin to feel so much better, that they decide to give up meat for good. In addition to the physical benefits, raw food has a way of restoring your soul and giving you an even deeper connection with God. It's truly a spiritual journey that everyone needs to take.

How long does it take to see a change in your body?

There's no question about it... eating raw food will help you to lose weight easy and naturally. But what's even better is that a raw food lifestyle will help you to get to, and maintain your "healthy weight". You can began to feel a change in your energy level in as little as one week or less of eating raw. Of course deeper levels of change occur the longer you continue, and those changes are nothing short of remarkable.

Eating raw food detoxifies the body, which is why people will often experience side-effects at first. You will start the healing  process in your body as soon as you begin eating raw organic Vegan. I can take as long as 18 months to two years to regenerate your body through raw organic food. But isn’t it worth it to be totally healthy and emotionally sound for the rest of your life?


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Why is Raw Food so important to sick people?

When you combine high doses of drugs and chemical treatments with processed foods, meat and pesticide-laden fruits & veggies the result is a body that’s dying for life. Conventional doctors will not tell you this, but a sick body requires lots of nutrient dense, unprocessed, organic foods to regenerate healthy bones and tissues. A body that has been depleted as a result of intense meds needs living food. Green living food (alkaline food) aide the body’s detoxification and healing processes. Enough living food and oxygenated water will starve out any illness. The immune system responses to cooked food by producing white blood cells. It has been documented scientifically that this increase in white blood cell count is much like that of a person with a blood infection. Eating cooked food puts lots of stress on the body that has already been compromised. Only raw organic foods improve circulation, oxygenation and tissue revitalization. When you eat 100% raw you are feeding your body 100% life. It’s up to you to decide how much life you want to give your body.

Here's something most people never think of. Just consider for a moment how much your fast  foods may have been altered by the dozens of people who have had their hands on it before it got to you. Have you ever thought about the fact that the more your food is handled before it gets in your mouth, the more energy of others is passed into and stored in it. Think about it, as if the lack of nutrition is not enough, you are actually “digesting” the energy of these people, many who are sick.

 Once you decide to make living food your "medicine", keep in mind that by eating just one piece of cheese, or animal protein, your healing will slow down greatly. Remember if you are on medication you should speak to your doctor before making any major diet changes. AND NEVER TAKE YOURSELF OFF OF  MEDIATION YOU'RE ALREADY ON, OR LOWER THE DOSAGE ON YOUR OWN.

Isn’t preparing Raw Food a lot of work?

It's as simple as you want it to be. We have gotten things so twisted in this country. What has pickled our brains to think it’s better and ‘faster” to wait on line for a processed to death meal, touched by heaven knows how many people, than to grab 4 sweet, juicy organic apples?  Meanwhile it takes a few minutes to make your own milk out of nuts, which costs pennies. It’s time for us to get back to basics.

Now if you wish to mimic the taste and texture of your favorite cooked foods, it will require some prep time (which is very calming for me) I actually suggest that my clients set aside several hours, the same time each week for their food prep. This actually saves time and allows you to have all your dehydrated meals, desserts and snacks on the ready for the week. People are amazed at how deliciously satisfying living cuisine can be. The row of pictures on the top of this page show some of the creative raw dishes and desserts I teach people to prepare.

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When our bodies aren't lugged down by foods that take hours to digest it can self-heal. Digestion is a major energy drain on the body – energy that could be used to heal and repair tissue rather than processing food all day. Freshly extracted organic, juice takes about 20 minutes to digest and enter the blood stream whereas heavy fat laden destructive type foods sometimes takes 8 to 12 hours to be processed before it can be used as energy for the body (THAT'S AMAZING). Juicing organic fruits, vegetables and herbs is super effective for healing, cleansing and feeding the body. These foods serve us when eaten in their most natural state. However, the process of extracting juice from them breaks down their cellular walls in a way that releases more life from these living foods then eating them in solid form. Imagine drinking your salad? You wouldn’t mind if it tasted delicious. I have loads of recipes for healing juices as well as nutritionally dense green smoothies you're going to love.

Coach Carmen, why is organic such a big deal?

Well organic produce is grown without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides. During the height of what I call my “cocoon experience” I went to see my blood specialist. I had been on a raw vegan diet for months. We were appalled at the amount of pesticides and herbicides we saw in my blood during the Darkfield Microscopy live cell analysis. It freaked my husband and I out. I knew we should have been purchasing organic produce, but I was unable to convince my husband who was taking care of me at the time. However when he saw my blood he was convinced. I finally understood why my skin was doing things you would only see in a horror movie. In my quest to detox my then sick body, I was making myself even sicker my ingesting so many toxic chemicals.

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Why isn't the government doing something about it?

Because the government is making billions because of it. You see in the rush to produce more and more crops to satisfy growing demand producers have had to resort to using a lethal cocktail of pesticides to control plant disease and insect attack. Did you know that if you consumed an average apple you would be eating over 30 pesticides, even after you have washed it? Organic food is known to contain 50% more nutrients, minerals and vitamins. As important as living food is to our health and healing it is extremely unfortunate that it can mean eating more chemicals with detrimental affects on your health. If the chemicals allowed in our food isn’t bad enough the reality of GEOs (Genetically Engineered Organisms) is. I first learned about GEOs from a Natural Doctor who taught a detox workshop I attended. It sounded like something out of a bad sci-fi movie. Are you kidding, the government is allowing scientist to help farmers grow “better” food” by taking genes from a crab to create crisper apples? With so may cancers, immune system disorders and hosts of new diseases, we need to be informed of the many advantages of buying organic food. Visit www.organicfoodinfo.net it is a great source of information.

Join me on this life transforming adventure of “KINGDOM CONSCIOUS EATING”. You too can learn to love life-giving foods. Food that is full of energy... delicious... quick... beautiful... and supercharged for Superbeings like you. In due time you will change on a cellular level, mind and body. Raw/living organic cuisine is a spiritual journey. Your spirit will soar, causing your vibration to heighten, bringing you closer to a CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS. This is an aspect of Kingdom living, the piece of the treasure map that hasn’t been discussed much at all… But I’m here to change that. I pray that you've been inspired to learn more. You have my support.


  1. You'll nourish your body on a cellular level.

  2.  You'll allow your body to self-heal.

  3.  You'll raise your vibrational frequency.

  4.  You’ll have more energy.

  5.  You'll become your healthy weight.

  6.  You'll never have to diet or count calories again.

  7.  Your eyesight will improve.

  8.  You’ll reverse the signs of aging.

  9. You'll heal your skin diseases including eczema and psoriasis.

  10. Your skin will glow.

  11. If you're sick now you will recover faster.
  12. You’ll rarely, if ever get sick (if you detox as well)
  13. You’ll respect yourself and your body more.
  14. Cellulite will melt away.
  15. Your body will naturally wean itself off medication.
  16. You’ll experience more moments of bliss.
  17. You gain more self-confidence and self-control.
  18. You’ll gain respect of others.
  19. You’ll inspire others.
  20. You’ll gain more endurance.
  21. Your fast food will become a couple pieces of fruit.
  22. You’ll be free from allergies (if raw vegan)
  23. As your body changes you’ll want to live healthier lifestyle.
  24. You’ll beat depression without drugs.
  25. You’ll need less sleep.
  26. You’ll sleep more peacefully.
  27. Your taste buds will sharpen.
  28. You’ll love life even more.
  29. You’ll have less if any PMS and menstrual pain.
  30. Menopausal issues will decrease greatly.
  31. You will feel calmer.
  32. You’ll become more fertile (so look out).
  33. Your colorful food and its fresh aroma will excite your senses.
  34. You’ll have a brand new body within 12 to 24 months.
  35. You’ll be less attracted to unhealthy food.
  36. Your tummy will flatten.
  37. You will discover superfoods.
  38. You’ll be free from the Supermarket Matrix.
  39. You’ll learn so much more about healthy food options.
  40. You'll be able to make crazy delicious desserts that are actually GOOD for you.
  41. You’ll lose old food craving.
  42. Your senses will become more acute.
  43. You’ll be less drawn to alcohol.
  44. You won’t want to smoke any more.
  45. You’ll become more gracious and loving.
  46. You can eat all that you want.
  47. You’ll have fun trying new raw recipes.
  48. You’ll enjoy meeting others who are raw.
  49. You’ll help save the environment.
  50. You’ll live happier.
  51. You’ll live longer.

If you're ready to experience all the benefits of organic living food I would love to support you all the way. You deserve to have delicious meal options that bring out the superbeing in you. I can teach you how to prepare quick & easy, mouth-watering raw dishes, beautifying tonics, delicious green smoothies and sweet desserts. That’s right, we’re not talking about living on rabbit food. You will develop a whole new way of eating and a new sense of well-being that will last a lifetime.

Simply review your options by carefully going through both the Kingdom Cooking ~ Wellness Kitchen Lifestyle Intensive program as well as the single Raw Food Class links below.

Blissful blessings to you my beloved,

Coach Carmen

Carmen Abercrombie
Your Christian Holistic Wellness & Life Transformation Coach

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