Ephesians 4:22-23 "You were taught, with regard to your former way of life, to put off your old self, which is being corrupted by its deceitful desires; to be made new in the attitude of your mind; and to put on the new self, created to be like God in true righteousness and holiness." NIV


Are you happy with your life beloved?

How would you like it if this were you?... Your body is strong and alive with more than enough energy to do everything you want and need to do. Your organs (including your intestinal tract) are clean and healthy. You’re at your healthy-weight and you look ten years younger. Your doctors had to take you off ALL meds (HALLELUIAH!). Your thoughts are clean and clear. You sleep like a baby, and you wake up stress-free and excited about the day. You're happy and totally fulfilled! You’re successfully living your life’s calling to help people transform their lives and you're getting paid well for doing so.

You've become a Master Manifester. Calling those things that be not as though they are, have become a natural way of life for you. Because of your portable and flexible business you're traveling to places you've been dreaming of all of your life. You've attracted the most amazing people into your life. Your life has now inspired many of your family and friends to up-level their lives. You are a big giver. You have a wonderful relationship with God. YOU'RE LIVING YOUR BLISS! 

Take a moment to breathe that in beloved... What would you be willing to pay for that reality?


Is this more like your current reality?... You’ve been doing the "right things" year after year, yet you're nowhere near where you should be financially. You may be at a job that's draining the life out of you. You may be tired and overwhelmed, and your health might not be the greatest (you may actually be dealing with an illness or two). You're unfulfilled because you’re not LIVING YOUR PURPOSE, OR MAKING A BIG ENOUGH DIFFERENCE. You may even be successful in your career (praise God), but there's that undercurrent of dissatisfaction and unease (which is the start of disease), and a strong inner knowing that God has much more for your life. If so you're most likely ready to make that leap from Success To Significance if you only knew how!

On top of everything else, I know it can be hard to see so many others pursuing their dreams and living the good-life that you as a child of the Most High have been predestined to live. You're like... "Something is wrong with this picture!"

You see beloved, most believers live out their entire lives in a state I call "Comfortably Uncomfortable". They're uncomfortable about most everything in their lives, but not enough to do something about it. They’re uncomfortable about what they're feeding themselves and their family. They’re uncomfortable about always putting themselves on the "back-burner". They’re uncomfortable about their weight, they’re uncomfortable about not pursuing God’s purpose for their lives, they’re uncomfortable about not keeping promises to themselves, they’re uncomfortable about not tithing and sowing consistently, they’re uncomfortably about not putting God first in their lives, and on and on... This dilemma is the root cause of why most people are unhappy, sick, unfulfilled and unable to activate the amazing power that they possess. You and I both know THIS SHOULD NOT BE!    

What’s so absolutely amazing is that God sees you so differently. He sees The Heiress! Here’s the thing my love, the heiress is in you, it’s the REAL YOU. She was born to live a Purpose-Driven Dream Life! She's the you not created and controlled by the world, but the you created by God and supported by the universe! The truth is rather than living as the Kingdom Heiress that you are, you’ve been living life as a Matrix Puppet controlled by invisible strings. I know, I’ve been there! BIG TIME! But there came a time when I had to cut the strings and set my own crazy self free. Forgive me, but it’s just crazy to continue to live like that after all Jesus did to free us from every curse! The thing is, you cannot serve two masters. God is waiting for you to let go, and give Him total control of your life. What's so beautiful is that with Him there are NO STRINGS ATTACHED. His commitment to you is based on an everlasting covenant. 

I know this is going to sound a little strange, to say the least, so take a deep breath and listen with your heart...  Within nine months you can give birth to your "true self"; your healthy and whole (body & soul), blessed-to-be-a-blessing, purposeful and profitable self!

Do you have a burning desire to do something that will make a difference in this world? HERE'S THE REAL DEAL BELOVED... Many spiritual healers and holistic health practitioners believe, with good reason that tissue masses such as fibroid and prostate tumors are a result of people never "giving birth" to their God-given passion, (their purpose, calling or gifts) the true essence of who they are.

But here's the good news! If you're at the cross-road of your life and you're ready to live your bliss with total accountability then  the IN NINE MONTHS Total Life-Transformation Mentorship & Coach Certification Platinum Program could be the best gift you've ever given yourself!

 Here's the best part of it all. God doesn't just want you to live out the plan and purpose He has for your life, He wants you to make good money as a result. And this is what makes the In Nine Month Mentorship and Coach Certification Platinum Program SUPER JUICY...


You'll start this glorious (9) month journey with me  with a deep-dive into a Soul (mind, will & emotions) and Body Detox where you'll begin to heal every area of your life and adapt to your wellness lifestyle. From there you'll be guided through a 90-Day Dream Quest which will prepare you to begin manifesting the "Purpose-Driven Dream Life" you will design for yourself. From there you will begin and complete your business and coach training with the "Package Your Purpose" (New Millennium, 6 Figure Business Blueprint) Program. During the program you will build your freedom-based business structures and customize the program materials that you will be using to coach your programs. Before the end of the program you will have a coaching business setup to earn you a stainable income facilitating (2) of the (3) signature Sharing The Bliss  Programs... (the "28-Day Body & Soul Detox", the "90-Day Dream Quest"  and/or "Package Your Purpose"). You will receive your Sharing The Bliss Coach Certifications after you fill your first program with paying clients!

Pastor Leroy (Money Cometh) Thompson said something when he was in New York, City several years ago that truly blessed me. He said that the Lord told him that if we can hold on to a desire for nine months in faith, nothing wavering, we would give birth to it!

What I've come to realize is that, it's near impossible to give birth to anything without help, without someone there that has your back and knows your heart!

Beloved you deserve to be guided and supported through powerful transformational programs by your very own coach and mentor. You deserve to receive the step-by-step training manuals, audios, worksheets and templates necessary to grow a freedom-based business of bliss! You so deserve the IN NINE MONTHS Platinum Program!

Get Ready To Strengthen Your Spirit, Renew Your Mind and Transform Your Body and Bank Account


Total-Life  Transformation Mentorship & Coach Certification  Program


36 Week Curriculum Includes All Of STB's Signature Programs

In depth training and support which includes private coaching and mentorship with Coach Carmen.

Month 1 ~  VIP DAY (Full Day in SI, NY) Normal Cost $1,497
  • Health & Wellness Assessment "Soul-utions" — We will go through your Spirit, Soul & Body Assessment Form to discuss solutions for your specific health and wellness issues.
  • Life Wheel -- We will go over your life wheel and create a plan to transform and restore every area of your life.
  • Setup For Success -- We will go through your entire Welcome Packet which breaks down everything that must be in place in order to reach the highest level of success and receive your two Coach Certifications.
  • Personally Prepared Meals — You will be served my very own meals, snacks and beverages throughout the day.
Month 1 ~ Soul Detox (EMOTIONAL HEALING) 3 WEEKS Normal Cost $1,197 (for private)
  • Detoxing your soul to help you release the Overflowing Grace & Blessings that’s been damned up in your life.
  • Cleaning out the GUNK and JUNK in your soul that has you stuck, oppressed and sick
  •   Break patterns and stop the self-sabotaging behavior once and for all.
  • Discover what's been causing you to play small all of your life, when all along your spirit has been calling you to PLAY BIG
Month 2 ~ 28-Day Body & Soul Detox * 3 WEEKS Normal Cost $1,297 (for private)
  • BETTER ~ Organic Vegan Cuisine

    The physical detox begins with delicious organic, cooked, plant-based cuisine. Replacing animal product with plant-based whole food, will decrease harmful toxins by as much as 50%.

  • BEST ~ Raw Organic Vegan Cuisine

    During this week a deeper level of detoxing and healing begins. Learn to prepare mouth-watering, uncooked meals and desserts that are so easy, they will become a way of life (1 per week).

  • BEYOND ~ Extracted Organic Juices

    In this final week you move away from whole food, and on to freshly made juices. Your digestive organs get to rest as your body begins to transform on a cellular level.

Month 3 - 6 ~ Biblical Laws Of Attraction - 90 Day Dream Quest 12 WEEKS Normal Cost $997 to $2,297
  • Setting 1 to 3 intentions to manifest within 90 days
  • Learn Zoë Spirit Practices
  • Learn to become a Master Manifester
  • Introducing your old self to your true self (the Kingdom Heir/Heiress)
  • Sacred Self-Care (Emotional & Physical Treatments)
Month 7 - 9 ~ Package Your Purpose (Business Blueprint) * 12 WEEKS Normal Cost $1,797 - $2,497
  • Stage 1 - Setting Up Your Business Structures
  • Stage 2 - Spirit Filled Sales Mastery
  • Stage 3 - Marketing Mastery (online & offline)
  • Stage 4 - Get Out There, Change Lives & Get The Money
28-Body & Soul Detox Coach Certification ~ Normal Cost $4,997.00
90-Day Dream Quest Coach Certification  ~ Normal Cost $4,997.00
OR The Package Your Purpose Coach Certification ~ Normal Cost $4,997.00


Here's All The Programs, Coaching, Training & Tools You'll Receive!


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Empty Binders for each of the programs (shipped to your door) ~ Use these empty binders to keep all of your program materials (you download and print) together and for placing any additional materials you desire. ($90 Value)
"Soul Detox" Downloadable Coaching Program Workbook & Audios (Normally $297)
28 Day Body & Soul Detox Downloadable Training Materials for Binder ($200 Value)
"Miracle Meals That Heal ~ Kingdom Cooking Wellness Kitchen" Physical Cookbook (Normally $29.97)
Biblical Laws Of Attraction - 90 Day Dream Quest Downloadable Training Materials for Binder ($800 Value)
Package Your Purpose Tier I Downloadable Training Materials for Binder ($800 Value)
(27) 45 to 60 Minute Coaching Calls ($5,400 - Value)

MP3 Recording of each Coaching Call ($498 Value)

Ticket to the Spring 2019 (3) Day Business & Bliss Workshop/Retreat in Hawaii BONUS (Normal Cost $497 Value)

Sharing The Bliss 28-Day Body & Soul Detox (Cost $4,997) and Biblical Laws Of Attraction - 90 Day Dream Quest Certifications (Cost $4,997)

[Total Program Retail Value Is ~ $28,000]

PLEASE NOTE: Clients receive empty binders. All materials weekly by EMAIL in printable PDF format, and all audios are sent to you weekly in downloadable IMP Format.

What would you be willing to invest to start living your dreams In 9 Months?

Here’s a quick inspiring story from one of the awesome multi-million dollar coaches who taught me a thing or two. Back in the days when she was making $25 per day waiting tables she desperately wanted to improve her life. She found a coach but needed to create $4,000 to pay for the training program that would give her a career path to follow.

Though a low end price today, the sum represented a fortune for her at that time. But she knew she had to find the money or else she would be forever stuck where she was.

Even though she was terrified about making that kind of investment, ("Would it be worth it? Would it help me get into a career that I loved?") and worried whether she would succeed, ("Am I smart/good enough to do this? Will I fail? What if I didn't do well?") She stayed committed to her decision. And, maybe you can relate to this ... she knew she HAD to believe in herself, even when it felt terrifying because the alternative — staying put — would have felt like giving up on herself, and the plan God had for her life!

What she did to manifest the registration fee is a tear-jerker (and no, it wasn't illegal). She actually sold everything she could, tucked her remaining possessions into a storage unit and lived in a van to save the money.

She said that it was one of the most humbling experiences of her life, but also one of the most powerful. Why? Because it showed her that if she stayed focused on what she wanted, and was willing to stretch out of her comfort zone, the way would show up. AND IT DID!

The training program turned out to be one of the best decisions she ever made in her life. The confidence, training and opportunities she gained from that experience were life-altering and brought her to where she is today. Today she’s living the life of her dreams, in her dream home, running a multi-million dollar coaching business that she built from scratch. That business continues to grow spiritually and financially each year as she helps hundreds of women transform their lives via successful entrepreneurship. And you know what? I can tell you 5 more similar stories!

So, now God has answered your prayers to renew your mind, heal your body and monetize & manifest your mission. The universe has placed this amazing opportunity in front of you. Right now you can decide to step into a journey of a lifetime lead by me and orchestrated by God or you can shrink back into small thinking, doubt and unbelief. I’m not suggesting that you sell all of your possessions and move in with a friend to invest in is beautiful program. What I'm asking is that you speak to God about this, wait to hear from the Holy Spirit and then step out on faith ~ nothing wavering... BUT NOT BEFORE YOU HEAR FROM GOD.

Here’s what you do know… You know God has created you on purpose, with a purpose, for a purpose. You know that He wants you to succeed. You know that this is a divine appointment. You know that it’s your time. And finally you know that 'All things are possible to those who believe and are called according to His purpose.'

Telling yourself you can't afford this is the same as saying "God can't afford it, or God can give it to me but He wouldn't because I'm not worthy." Instead why don't you do a mental reframe and make a decision: Ask yourself do you REALLY want this or not? If you decide YES! then focus your energy and actions on attracting the means to make it happen. But faith without work is dead, so be ready to do whatever the Holy Spirit leads you to do, to get the money. He has a million excellent ways, all you need is one. From there, everything you need to make it happen will be available to you. I promise!


36  Week  Private Platinum  Program Total  Investment $9,997  

New Enrollment Period Now Open

End of The Year Exclusive Offer $7,997

Option #1 Invest In Full ~ $6,997 (Save $3,000 + 0 Financing)

Option #2 ~ EZ Pay $7,997 ($2,000 Savings)

$1,500 non-refundable deposit + 9 payments of $750


BONUS: Ticket to Sharing The Bliss' 2019 (3) Day Spring Workshop & Retreat  

(Very Limited Amount Of Sacred Spots Available... So Apply Now!)