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You Are A Kingdom Heir/Heiress, Isn't It Time You Start Living Like One?

Are you one of the tens of thousands of passionate believers and church leaders who have gone down the "Medical Matrix" rabbit hole, are emotionally wounded, controlled by fear, or perhaps dealing with a shameful additive stronghold, yet aching  to share your message, live your bliss (purpose) and make a real difference in the world? Here's what I've discovered... For deliverance to occur in our lives we must first receive the supernatural wisdom, loving & non-judgmental support, accountability and encouragement God sends our way.

This is why I often say, God answers prayers with opportunities more then any other way. But you have to be open to the opportunities. I believe that the Kingdom Academy Membership Coaching Program is that opportunity for you.

Hosea 4:6 "My people are destroyed for the lack of knowledge..."

You have a calling, a purpose, that is burning inside of you, and to let that inner flame, flicker out is a disservice to more people than you could ever imagine. When you extend your light to others, your light which was once contained within you, expands ten-fold, hundred-fold, and beyond fold.

The Kingdom Academy offers a unique group synergy that encourages your light to come forth and shine bright into the dark places of this world. Because fellow members are facing many of the same challenges you face, the inspiration and support you get from them comes from a place of love and understanding. The Kingdom Academy is about supernatural, exponential growth. Just like the plant kingdom we are wired to grow at the speed of those in our inner circle. All the resistance in the world CAN NOT stop the growth (upleveling) of a believer who's connected to supportive believers who are repeatedly telling them, “Yes You Can -  I Can See It For You!”

The Health & Wellness Academy Membership Coaching Program was created to offer passionate believers and church leaders the consistent guidance, critical information, resources, and community that wasn't available for me, when I desperately needed to SAVE MY LIFE AND LIVE MY BLISS (my true purpose).

How To Turn Your Mess Into A Mission





After over a decade of working in the wellness field, in January 2007 I did a Humpty Dumpty and "fell off the wall". Yes, this Holy Ghost-filled, tongue-talking, church-going, seed-sowing, tithe-tithing woman of God became a broken women. I cannot say it didn't happen without warning. I felt the fall coming. There were actually many times I caught myself before rolling too close to the edge, but this time I couldn't seem to catch myself.

When the mess hits the fan it can really stink. Both my husband and I had recently buried our only brothers (both under 40), our marriage was crumbling, my retail store and day spa was failing, I was in crazy debt, and we were about to lose our apartment. Now all of that would have been bad enough, but NO! To top it off, I was hit with a horrifying, debilitating illness. The funny thing is, we were known for being the happy, loving, successful, healthy and fit Christian couple. And even though I did all of the basic "Christian things" better than most people in my circle, and I ate healthier than most, I still fell.


What I've since learned was that, my roots weren't planted as deeply as I thought in Christ, so when the "perfect storm" came I toppled over big time. Romans 11:18 tells us... "Do not boast against the branches. But if you do boast, remember that you do not support the root, but the root supports you."

All that glitters ain't gold. You see, no matter how "spiritual" you are on the outside, if your thoughts, words, feelings and actions are not in vibrational alignment with God, then neither will they be aligned with His blessings, protection and favor. The thing is, when you understand the vibrations you're emitting, you'll understand why you're getting what you're getting. You may drift by for years, being out of alignment with Jesus, but the Word warns us to 'give no place to the devil, because he roams about seeking who he can devour'. Ephesians 4:27.

My #1 goal was to manifest healing in my body. Being holistic, I chose not to take the conventional medical approach. I did several detoxing techniques and became a Raw Vegan (something I longed to do for years). Throughout each day, I drank alkaline water, took the Word of God like medicine, and spoke healing over my sick blood cells. I was homebound for over a year during my "cocoon experience". With all that I was doing right, I knew that I needed more to go beyond saving my life, to living my true purpose.

The good news is, while I was in my most desperate, broke, and broken state, I asked God to give me the key to total-life transformation. He answered my prayer by giving me the steps to High Vibrational Living (Kingdom Living). When I discovered the POWER of aligning my soul, and every cell in my body with the Anointed One and His Anointing my life did a 360.

With God ALL THINGS are possible. Since then, my body and soul have been totally restored, my marriage is juicier than ever, and we live in a continuous overflow of jaw-dropping blessings and over-the-top favor. And best of all, we're both living the life God created us to live. WE'RE FREE AND WE'RE LIVING OUR BLISS. Anthony, my husband is no longer working at his stressful job as a Middle School art teacher, but rather creating art fill-time in his own art studio. I've closed the doors to my oppressive retail and spa service business, and am now blessing thousands, just by sharing my passion with the world. Can someone say Praise Him?



Ready to live your life like it's golden?
So that's how I've turned my MESS into a MILLION DOLLAR MISSION. The road I'm on today is shiny and bright, and the millions I desire are making there way into the naturaI-realm for me. It takes big money to make a big change in the world. I can't tell you how excited I am every morning to receive my instructions and guidance from the Holy Spirit. It's what keeps me moving onward and upward everyday. The great news is, everything I receive for Him I share with my community.

So my beloved, I have one question for you. Would you like to join me? If so register today for the Kingdom Academy and get the support you need to unplug from the "Matrix" so YOU can live as a true Kingdom heir.

THIS SUPER AFFORDABLE COACHING PROGRAM IS ONLY FOR passionate believers who are ready and willing to be a doer of the word and not just a hearer only. In other words, as awesome as the program is, it will only work if you work it.


Here's All You Receive



The Members Only Coaching Calls are OFF THE HOOK. I love facilitating these calls. Twice a month you simply call in using a special access code and receive an hour of power. Whether you are a Private Gold Elite Client or not, look at these live calls as your personal  coaching with me. We now have Over 50 Hours of Membership Coaching Calls in the audio archives of the private Online Training Center.

(Valued At Over $10,000 a Year)


Get on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday coaching calls and receive...

Powerful Prayer

  • Recieve an anointed prayer covering.

Guided Meditation & Breathing

  • Calm your mind and get into vibrational alignment with the Holy Spirit.

  • Discover simple, bible-based practices that will allow God’s Light to burn so brightly within you, that you become a conduit of peace, bliss, blessings and unconditional love in the midst of chaos and evil.

An Anointed Topic Of The Week

  • Each week I will coach on a fresh, new God-given topic.

  • One Word from God can change your life forever and each week will be a ‘Word in do season’, so you’ll want to make every call.

Audio Recordings

  • If you can’t make the Health & Wealth, Group Coaching Calls, you will be able to listen to them on the membership site over and over again.

First Of The Month Q&A Call

  • Here's your opportunity to talk to me directly. Weekly Group Coaching Calls are on teaching mode except for our fun and informative Q&A Calls every first Tuesday of the month.

  • Send me an email the day before the Q&A Calls at Members@SharingTheBliss.com to let me know that you'll be on the call with a question.




As you take your life-transformational journey, it is imperative that you have a high vibrational, word-based power source that you can plug into at a moments notice, day and night. The Kingdom Academy Online Training Center is just that. This members only, password protected website is a sacred, never-ending stream of need-to-know holistic health & wellness information, resources and the most effective success strategies, support systems and inspiration on the planet.

As a member you will be granted 24/7 access so you can log on at any time of day or night and get a download of supernatural empowerment. Everything you need to set motivated, encouraged and get unstuck.

(Valued at Over $200 a Month)

Health & Wellness Academy Online Training Center Departments (Links) …

COACH CARMEN’S PRIVATE BLOG ~ The Home link is where you’ll find exclusive articles and time-sensitive information written just for you.

ASK COACH CARMEN ~ You got questions, I’ve got answers... And if I don’t I’ll find them. This coaching tool could be worth thousands of dollars in coaching fees. Simply leave me your questions about health, wellness, cooking, relationships, faith, goals, dreams, you name it. Just imagine being able to ask me anything you wish, anytime you wish and have your answer within 24 to 48 hours. Some questions will be answered on the upcoming Group Coaching Coaching call. How cool is that? By the why ,if wish to leave a private question simply write the word PRIVATE in all caps and I will answer the call on the next Q&A call without mentioning your name.

AUDIO ARCHIVES ~ In this department you’ll find MP3 audio recordings from ministries that have a big part in transforming my live. Listen to them over, and over, and over again, and I promise they will transform your life as well. I suggest that you listen to an audio each night right before to go to sleep. Another option is to select at least one day each week to listen to several audios back to back.

COACHING CALLS ~ We’ve archived all of my past Tuesday Night Group Coaching Calls. So far there are over 30 hours of coaching there. Just one of these calls can transform. If you have to miss a live Tuesday Night Group Coaching Call you can access it at your convenience right here within 48 hours. I suggest that you listen to an audio each night right before to go to sleep. Another option is to select a day each week to listen to them back to back. Some Of Topics Includes...

  • "Nothing Is Too Wonderful To Happen"

  • "How To Detox For Health & Wellness"

  • "Mind Control"

  • "Prepare For Your Promotion"

  •  "How To Get & Keep Your Healing"

  • "From The Matrix To The Kingdom"

  • "Change Your Perspective"

These calls along with many others are just a click away on Coaching Calls Link.

RECIPE ARCHIVES ~ As I often say, "changing your life begins with changing what you eat." Why? Because you are what you eat. - Do you know that you can heal your mind and body with food? Learn to prepare mouth-watering food that can help you heal your body, lose weight, and set you free from the "Medical Matrix" once and for all. I will be adding delicious new healing recipes for you to try. You’ll soon find many of my most requested recipes, as well as exclusive recipes that will only be shared with my members so visit often.

VIDEO ARCHIVES ~ This media department offers an ever growing collection of short, to the point videos and full length movie documentaries. Get ready to expand your mind and change your life forever. I suggest you watch a video a week to keep your mind from getting weak.

RESOURCE CENTER ~ This section of the site is truly a God-send. If only I had access to this type of information 20 years ago. The Resource Center will make your transition from the Matrix to Kingdom living lifestyle so much easier. You’ll find an ever growing hand-picked list of the best places to shop for high quality organic food, bulk spices, nuts & seeds, hard to find superfoods and supplements, "Wellness Kitchen" tools, organic clothing, and more, at the best prices. At a click of a mouse you can get what you need no matter where you live. FYI: Shopping at the affiliate links on the right side of the pages will not only bless you, it will best Sharing The Bliss as well. I will soon be adding places to eat across the country, not just in New York, so if you have any suggestions please let me know.











MONTHLY MEMBER’S MEET-UP ~ It's good when birds of a feather get a chance to flock together.  Members are invited to our Monthly Membership Meet-Up. This is worth the investment of the Kingdom Academy alone. Come visit us in New York (it’s generally where we meet) It's always a memorable time of inspiration, information, love, fellowship, networking and a whole lot of FUN! What makes the day even more special is that it's also A BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION for the members who where born on that month. So if no one else celebrates their birthday we will. Check the Sharing The Bliss EZINE or click on Calendar Link on website for date, place and time. ($75 Value Per Month)


30 DAY SACRED QUEST ~ To help members to uplevel more aggressively each month they are given a monthly challenge called a "Sacred Quest". They will decide if they want to take on the quest or not. Each quest must be implemented for 30 days straight. Consistence is the key here. Those who complete the Sacred Quest will receive 20 points, and have their name listed in the Ezine the following month. (Priceless)

INVITATIONS TO MEMBERS ONLY WELLNESS RETREATS ~ Travel with us to exotic places with us and pray, eat, laugh, renew and be pamper in paradise. (Priceless)

ACCOUNTABILITY PARTNERS ~ Most programs offer an invitation to our private Facebook Group. You’ll have direct access to this group. (Priceless)

PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP ~ Most programs offer an invitation to our private Facebook Group. You’ll have direct access to this group, where you’ll find a gold mine of networking opportunities, potential JV partnerships and/or sponsorships, high-quality mastermind buddies, friends and maybe even clients! The group is a place to connect with like-minded people and receive support. You’ll receive instant access as soon as you register! (Priceless)





  • Discounts on Sharing The Bliss Services, Programs and Events

  • Member's Only Product Specials (on Restoreth My Soul products)



Monthly Membership

Most membership coaching programs start at twice the amount and do not include an online membership site. This monthly payment option is convenient for those who prefer to be billed automatically every 28 to 30 days.



Yearly Membership

This enrollment package is perfect for those who prefer NOT to have a monthly payment. A ONE TIME charge of $360 will be billed to your credit card and you're be good to go for an entire 12 months.


"I have started going forward with the vision God gave me." 

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"I have started going forward with the vision God gave me. The right people are being placed in my life, and I recognize it!"

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Blissful blessings to you my beloved,

Coach Carmen

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