Why We Must Get It Together Before January 31st!

How has your January been so far Beloved? If you’re like it’s been hard hitting (the loss of friend, financial drama etc.) The truth is, it doesn’t matter how it started out, or how things are looking now. We can turn it all around with the right strategy! Which reminds me… Have you laid out your plans for this year? I know it’s not easy when it starts out challenging. In this video I want to encourage you to push through and end strong this month so you can end the year strong!


List your TOP 3 GOALS for this year! After that, decide on your “Strong Song”, your “Word of the Year” and your “Scripture for The Year” then do the work so God can make it work! Want to Quantum Leap? Join the next 28-Day Body Soul Detox www.sharingthebliss.com/detox

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God “Bliss” You!
Coach Carmen

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