New Traditions


Hello Beloved,

How was your Thanksgiving beloved? I pray that it was everything you wanted it to be!

Anthony and I were blessed to have two of my sister Pam’s girls over along with my sister Darlene’s husband and son. Admittedly the holidays will never be the same now that my sisters and our two brothers are celebrating in heaven. I’m grateful however that rather than focusing on the way things were we are creating new traditions. One of them is having organic vegetarian/vegan holidays at our home here on Staten Island. In addition to family, joining us around the table on Thursday was my niece Rachel’s boyfriend Rudy seated next to Zai (our spiritual God daughter) and my sista-friend and Outreach Missions Manager Tanisha seated across from Zai.

Dinner began with lentil & barley soup then salad with Coach Carmen’s Asian Dressing. The main course was “rib tips”, basmati rice & peas, sautéed veggies with caramelized ginger/maple carrots, stuffing and macaroni & cheese which was made by my niece Anwar for tradition’s sake!

Much love,



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