How Dangerous Are Your Food Addictions?

fat-guy-eating-giant-hamburgerIt’s the beginning of a New Year so I’m not going to sugar coat things if you don’t mind. Besides you know how I roll, and you know that I love you right? Cool! Many of you are participating in the Daniel Fast or some other form of fast or diet for the New Year. Congratulations if that’s you! I think that’s awesome. Here’s my concern. Most people I consult with tell me how every year they fast, they diet and fast again, and every time they end up back to eating as they normally do. The thing is, there are several problems associated with ‘Yo-Yo” dieting and coming off of fasts improperly. One problem is finding it harder and harder to get back to one’s healthy weight.

So you may be asking, what makes maintaining “healthy” eating during a diet or after a fast so difficult? Well, let me ask you. Do you know that the biggest and most deadly addiction in our country is not crack cocaine or even prescription drugs? Can you guess what it is?… THAT’S RIGHT, IT’S FOOD! How can this be? Well much of it has to do with what they’re putting in our food today. The other reason is that we’ve become over-eaters who eat for every reason but the right one… to feed, and to nourish the living tissue that creates our body temples, and to be in the highest frequency to better hear from God.

The first step to find out if you have any food addictions keeping you stuck in your current physical situation is to answer Yes or No to the following questions. “I eat as my way of dealing with emotional issues… I eat because of taste satisfaction only… I eat due to certain uncontrollable food cravings… I eat because of family, and tradition… There are some foods I could not give up for (30) days. If you answered yes to even one of those questions, you have some food addictions to deal with. The second step is to find out how dangerous your food addictions are, while you have a good chance of turning things around.

The amazing thing is how easy it is to be set free. You see most people have no idea that some of the most delicious, satisfying food is absolutely the healthiest, most healing stuff on the planet.

If you are familiar with my teachings, you know that the concepts God gave me of “Kingdom Cooking”, “Kingdom-Conscious Cooking”, and “Kingdom-Conscious Eating” are based on Romans 12:1-2. In short it’s maintaining a conscious awareness of the fact that we are Kingdom heirs & heiresses, and our bodies are the temple of the Spirit of God. That being the case, it is only natural that we would lean towards cooking and eating for the benefit of healing, vitality and yes, spirituality. Why?


Many have adapted the lifestyle of cooking and eating for the benefit of healing, vitality and spirituality out of desperation, and not having health insurance to cover their medical expenses. I am a living example of one whose lack of medical coverage confirmed the decision to heal their body with organic, whole food and the Word of God. As a result, I healed myself from a lifetime of eczema, and a life-threatening blood disease. My mind was renewed, my thinking was elevated, and today I’m a new person, and you can be too.

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