Be Bold As A Lion (The Power Of The Ask)

Kitty_In_MirrorBe bold & very courageous Get over yourself – STOP CARING ABOUT WHAT PEOPLE THINK ABOUT YOU … because it’s not about you, it’s about your mission, your calling, your light!!!

Forgive me for starting out so aggressively, but if you really want to be who you were called to be, and do what you were called to do beloved, you are going to have to NOT CARE what people think about you and how you may look in your own eyes. Did you get that? Most of us look at ourselves not the way God sees us but how we see ourselves, which is usually not so great. Think of all the most impactful people in history from Christ Jesus to Oprah to mega-church leaders to seven figure authors, speakers and business owners. Most likely fear, excuses and timidity doesn’t come to mind does it? This doesn’t mean that they never felt these things. Of course they did, they just over came them by seeing themselves as ‘more than a conqueror’.

So what would be one thing you can do to achieve more, to expand your life, to get out of average and reach greater heights of success? What is that one thing we can all do to help more people and make more money with our businesses and ministries next year?
ASK for what you want! That’s right ask. It seems basic I know. Yet it is so often overlooked. Have you asked for more business? Have you asked for more support? Have you asked the right people to work with you? Most importantly have you asked God? It’s really fundamental. The word says ‘we have not because we ask not’.

The first thing I’d encourage you to do in asking is to be crystal clear on what you’re asking for. What exactly are you doing? Who exactly are your serving? What exactly do you want to accomplish and when? How will doing so make a difference to others? Get clear about all of that so you can figure out exactly what you need help with. You also have to decide on what you are willing to give in return; even if it’s making your city a better place for teenagers to live for an example.

The second part is having a plan for asking. Who can you ask? How are you going to ask? How will you connect with the right people to ask? Mastering the ask really is key. What we don’t ask for rarely ever comes to fruition the way we want it to. The truth of the matter is most of us live by airy-fairy hope (hope without faith), or by straight-up default, settling for whatever, rather than choosing what we really, really want.

It takes a bold purpose-driven person to ask for what they really, really want, especially if there’s issues with rejection, believe me I know. It wasn’t easy to ask my first sponsor for $5,000 but after weeks of planning my offer I did, and they said YES! But what if you were bold enough to ask everyone on your Hot List to do business with you? Or ask every business you walk into that’s aligned with your mission to be a sponsor or whatever it might be? How would that up-level your life?

It’s very powerful to ask for support with your business, mission, ministry. God honors it. A lot of people get scared about it. They say, “I don’t want to ask. I just want people to see my value and come to me.” Do you value yourself? Do you value the help you can others? If you’re afraid to ask, I don’t think you do. Always remember “Those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind”.
Asking is such a powerful tool, because it allows our potential clients and supporters to know about us. It’s no fun being a best kept secret. People have to know that you’re there to work with you. Asking leverages your success, because the more you ask for business, the more people you get to serve, and the more money you get to make. So make a mini goal for yourself in the next couple of days, “How many people will I ask to work with me, do business with me, help me with my mission?

1. LET YOUR PURPOSE/MISSION MOVE YOU THROUGH ANY & EVERY BOUNDARY ~ Decide today that you have a God given message, mission, offer that you are determined to share with every person that you believe you’ve been called to serve. Decide today, that you will no longer worry about what they say or how they look at you. Become unattached to the outcome just do your part. Decide to no longer worry about people’s issues and hang ups. Decide that you will no longer even think about making any of their mess your mess.

2. NO MORE BUYING INTO PEOPLE’S MONEY STORIES ~ Stop assuming that people don’t have money for what you’re offering, because 9 out of 10 of them do! Raise your vibrational frequency and EXPECT the YES! People have money for what they really want, but will often say that they don’t have money for what they REALLY NEED.

3. ASK FOR WHAT YOU WANT AND EXPECT THE YES ~ When you set your daily intentions expect to get what you’re believing God for. When you’re contacting anyone for anything, expect to get the yes. Align with the YES. YES! YES! YES!

4. TREAT PEOPLE THE WAY YOU WANT TO BE TREATED ~ Don’t be pushy, don’t annoy. Be bold and respectful, humble and mindful. This is golden… Always give something before you ask for anything.

MY Coach’s Request: Look up and meditate on the following scriptures and to learn more about growing that thing you’ve been called to do. Go to
John 14:14
John 15:7-8
Luke 11:9-10
Mark 11:22-24

I have much love for you!
Coach Carmen

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