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Even though my mom passed on when I was fourteen, and I have no children of my own I still like to hear people wish me a happy Mother’s Day. So I can only imagine how important it must for a mom to hear those words. I went to the Sailor’s Snug Harbor Orchid Show on Staten Island last weekend with one thing in mind. I wanted to take a picture of the prettiest orchid in the show and give it to you for Mother’s Day. It’s waiting for you at the bottom of this page with details on how to turn it into wall paper for your computer screen (it you like). Not only was this beauty the first prize winner, it was simply amazing just like you. :)

Did you get to register for my FREE Teleclass coming up on Monday? It is going to be super juicy plus I’m giving everyone who registers this weekend a digital copy of a very exclusive interview I did with Dr. Sharnael Wolverton. I call her the Joyce Meyer of the faith-based health & wellness sceen. She has close to 30,000 likes & friends on facebook, and her mission has taken her to 29 countrys. On yesterday’s interview I was able to get the scoop on her success. Don’t worry if you can’t be on the Teleclass with us on Monday, you’ll receive the recording if you register. Just click on the link below. There’s a video I want you to see on the registration page.

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HERE’S A COLD HARD FACT… Not discovering your purpose and pursuing it is costing you more than you know.

ANOTHER FACT… Even if you are pursuing your purpose (congrats if that’s you), if you’re not following the New Millennium Marketing Model you’re most likely working much harder then you need to, trying to make the income you deserve.

“12 Keys To Turning Your Purpose Into Profits” (and The #1 Secret To Opening The Flow Of Miracles & Blessings Into Your Life) Teleclass <== Save your FREE spot now

Download Instructions

Right-click on the image and select “Save Image As” to your desktop (Mac & PC) from there click on “Save As Computer Background” (I actually selection “Stretch To Fit”). On mobile devices, press on image and save.

Blissful Blessings ~

Coach Carmen


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