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I Have Over A Million Dollars Held Up In An Account #ManifestationMonday

Three things we need to know to release increase!
1. We are heirs of God (Romans 8:16-17 / Galatians 3:29)
2. We each have a “Heavenly Account”!
3. What we sow we reap and we speak what we keep!

The Word of God has an extremely high vibration, and in order to recieve from it you have to vibrate with it. The universe responds favorably to the voice of God’s word because it was the word that created it. The bible says that angels harken to the voice of God’s word. Your word seed has the power of God in it, because God and His word are one. You must fight against the consistant pull that will attempt to draw you away from your promise seed. Hold fast to the confession of promise, knowing that He is faithful who promised. Lock into your word seed and stay focused on it.

Don’t allow opposing circumstances to cause you to lose your focus. In other words, let God be true and every natural circumstance a liar. Treat your word seed as an expectant mommy would treat the seed that has been planted in her womb. Be radical about your promise. Hold on when turbulence comes for the word sake. It’s purpose is to cause your seed to abort. Yes, you can carry your word seed to full term and give birth to the dreams and desires that have been promised to you. Remember `You’re more than a conqueror!’ ~ Coach Carmen

Why We Must Get It Together Before January 31st!

How has your January been so far Beloved? If you’re like it’s been hard hitting (the loss of friend, financial drama etc.) The truth is, it doesn’t matter how it started out, or how things are looking now. We can turn it all around with the right strategy! Which reminds me… Have you laid out your plans for this year? I know it’s not easy when it starts out challenging. In this video I want to encourage you to push through and end strong this month so you can end the year strong!


List your TOP 3 GOALS for this year! After that, decide on your “Strong Song”, your “Word of the Year” and your “Scripture for The Year” then do the work so God can make it work! Want to Quantum Leap? Join the next 28-Day Body Soul Detox

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God “Bliss” You!
Coach Carmen