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Sharing My Food & My Heart with 100 Women!

Mother's Day Blessing Me and My Team
Earlier this month I was blessed to not only be the Keynote Speaker but to prepare an organic Vegan meal (with a dessert) for 100 women! The event was called “A Mother’s Day Blessing” arranged by lovely Rossana Nevels for the Men’s Ministry at her church (Christian Pentecostal Church). I prepared “Rainbow Rice”, Black Bean Burgers and Vegetarian “Chick-gone Salad made w/chickpeas. There were also 3 different green salads which I did not have to make. I was asked to make 2 of my yummy homemade salad dressings however. For dessert I made Chocolate and “Banana bread” Bliss Balls. Of course everything we was organic!
Thank you Denise Marie Williams-Beachem and Avis Clark for all of your unwavering love, support and labor! Pictured is me and my Sharing The Bliss Heiresses Rossana Nevels, Denise Marie Williams-Beachem and Avis Clark!

3 MUST-DOs Before You Agree To Medication or Surgery

Blessed #WellnessWednesday Beloved!
Join our next 28-Day Body & Soul Detox beginning May 19th because this is a perfect time for body & soul purification. Detoxing the blood, organs (particularly the kidneys, liver & intestines) as well as the mind is Super Important anytime for those with any health concerns and/or emotional issues!
The big bonus is that the food is delicious! Not only will I be there to coach, guide and support you, the other detoxers will be there for you too!