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“What I Eat In A Day & Why” ( You may be surprised!)

Blessed #WellnessWednesday Beloved!
My mission as a Kingdom Health Coach is to inspire people of faith to heal, nourish, strengthen and raise the vibrational frequency of their spirit, soul and body with food. I believe that the faith-food connection is the missing link to being more aligned with Christ. Help me share life-saving information and spread the concept of “Kingdom Cooking” and “Kingdom Conscious Eating” around the world.

“How To Rewire Your Brain”

Beloved there are many things that are leading us down the road to mental and emotional diseases. Thank God we have the ability to rewire our brain back to the state that God had designed it to function. Please join our next 28-Day Body & Soul Detox and begin the rewiring process. To learn more call Sharing The Bliss at 718 273-9772.