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Cranberry Tonic

Cranberry-Tonicclass=”aligncenter size-medium wp-image-744″ />In my newest book “Sacred Self Care” (available this Summer) I have recipes for lots of homemade remedies like Cranberry Tonic. Fresh, organic cranberry tonic is important for helping to treat auto-immune disorders and for healing urinary tract disorders. The powerful cleansing and purifying effects of organic cranberries actually benefit the entire body. The greatest bennie of organic cranberries is that they contains a powerful nutrient called pioanthocyanidins referred to as PACs. Research suggests that PACs help keep certain bacteria from sticking to tissue inside the body. It has been shown to even help keep the mouth and stomach protected from bad bacteria. The PACs in cranberries are different from other fruits because they offer more “anti-stick” power. Cranberry juice also contain powerful antioxidants (polyphenols), which help bolster the body’s defenses against free radical damage when 2 to 3 cups are taken per day. In fact, cranberries are higher in antioxidants per gram than other common fruit. It is loaded with vitamin C. #CoachCarmen4U #SacredSelfCare #MiracleMealsThatHeal #28DayBodyandSoulDetox

Don’t Let Circumstances Steal Your Divine Opportunites

Carmen-Soup-Demo-with-Lynn and Rick
Saturday’s “Namaste Foods” Soup Demo at Tastebuds Health Food Store on Staten Island was truly a Divine setup. The store owner was on vacation in India and it didn’t seem like the management was prepared for me. In fact it seemed as if everything was going against me. I was seriously considering leaving and rescheduling the demo. I’m so glad that I decided to raise my frequency and stay because I met a couple who made it totally worthwhile. They ended up hanging out with me for 2 hours. It was awesome! Not only do I have a new, amazing sister-friend who loves old-school R&B like me. She played the horn for a few well known recording artist. She loves going to old-school concerts and she’s composing music for my meditation audios. Best part is she and her hubby are Born-Again Believers! I’ve wanted to have my own instrumental music composed by a Christian musician for years. Yay!