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How The Universe Reacts To Your Feelings

Just as radio and television waves, internet access and cellular phone calls are transmitted through the air to a receiver, so is the transmission of thought to the universe. Our attitude, moods and impulses are controlled by the thoughts we receive and act upon. The thoughts we receive and act upon send out signals to the universe that draw the physical manifestation of those exact things to us (good or bad).

God created us as vibrational beings and placed us in a vibrational universe. Though we consciously pray to God to meet our needs, vibrationally we are sending out on going requests unconsciously to the universe. These unconscious signals are our FEELINGS. Our Feelings speak more clearly of what we want, and don’t want than any words we speak. So though we may ask God for what we want with our words, the universe is consistently manifesting what our feelings are asking for. In other words there are two parts of the asking equation that which we say we want with ours words, and that which we express through our emotions.

God has told us to ask and it shall be given unto us. With this new understanding we may better see why we are not getting enough of what we are asking for (with our words). We can better see why we are getting so much more of what we are asking for with our emotions and feelings. The reason for this is based on the fact that we spend more time, and are usually 100 times more passionate about what we are feeling, than what we are saying when we pray, make our faith confessions and repeat our declarations. Most of us do not pray and declare what we are believing for throughout the day. We do however express our emotions and react minute by minute as we “FEEL” the experience of disappointments, concerns, physical pain, frustrations, stress and so on.

The good news is, changing our feelings is as “simple” as changing our thoughts and by doing so we can and will change our lives!