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Ending Strong Is Your Birthright!

ending-strong-teleclass-header3Hey Carmen,

How are you love?

Is it just me or did this year seem to fly by? I remember last December like it was yesterday. I was blessed to celebration my birthday by hosting a dinner party at my home. We had a ball! My sister and I got to sing along to every song as we watched The Wiz on television. I had no idea that it would be our final holiday we’d spend together.

How was your year so far? Was it all that you’d hope it would be? The truth is, it doesn’t matter how it started out, or how things are looking now. You can turn it all around by January of 2017 with a strategy to go from mess to miracle! It’s a big leap but you can totally do it! I know that this is true because I had to “leap frog” my way over lots of opposition through the years, in order to be living the blissfully-blessed freedom-based lifestyle I’m living today! Let me show you what I mean…

In 2010 I was finally coming out of a 3 year battle with a life-threating blood disease. In 2011 I leap frogged and took St. Philips Baptist Church in Staten Island through my detox program. That December my sister Darlene passed away 4 days before my birthday. In 2012 I leap frogged and officially launched Sharing The Bliss, had 2 radio shows, got my first 5K sponsor and invested 10K in a business coach. In May 2013 hosted my first 2 day live event (Mess-2-Mission). That December 19th (on my birthday) I severely broke my 2 (right) wrist bones and dislocated my shoulder. In January 2014 I leap frogged and facilitated an amazing 5 week group detox program and hosted a multi-speaker online event that enabled me to fill my first Package Your Purpose group program. In December 2014 the blood illness came back but that May I leap frogged and hosted a fabulous 2 day live event in Maryland! This August, 2016 I lost my sister Pamela, she was my last sibling. So now I prepare to leap frog!

You see the pattern? I’ve mastered the art of leaping over mess into miracles and so can you! Most people allow messed-up circumstances to take them out of the game. Others use them as their reason for never getting in the game.

One thing you a count on is that mess happens! It’s not always as devastating as the passing of a loved one, or serious illness. Whatever it is, if it’s keeping you from ending strong this year join me on Tuesday November 1st at 7:00 PM EST for a FREE Teleclass entitled “Ending Strong In 2016” (How To Leap Frog Your Way Into An Amazing 2017).