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SAY YES To Your Heart!

law-of-attraction-yesHave you noticed that the world which I call the Matrix is getting louder and louder? It’s almost like its deliberately trying to crowd out our divine thoughts. Divine thoughts are thoughts that come from that place within you where God dwells… your heart!

When was the last time you listened to your heart about where you are now in life verses where you want to be? If you’re like me you had every intention not to have 2016 be just another year and now you’re wondering just how we jumped from January to late May. Kind of crazy I know!

The truth of the matter beloved is none of us can afford to have this be just another year! You know I’m all about inspiring you and keeping you uplifted however, I want you to know this! The reason why you can’t afford to have 2016 be just another year is because The Matrix is being more aggressive. it has set things up to insure that you get sick and stay sick, think lack, become depressed and give up on your dreams and goals. You see we no longer have the “luxury” of living in passive mode!!!

If you take some quiet time and listen to your heart, it’s most likely asking you to unplug from the Matrix Mayhem. It’s most likely asking you to become healthier and strong in your mind and in your body. If it is I’m asking you to SAY YES!

So by now you may be asking… okay Coach Carmen so what do I do after I say yes? That’s an excellent question, in fact not knowing what to do is why most people don’t say yes.

Here are three simple steps to take once you SAY YES…

  1. ACTIVATE THE POWER ~ In order to survive and thrive in the Matrix you’re going to have to learn how to activate the supernatural powers God has place within you. It is this power that helps us to live in the world without being in the world.
  2. CHANGE YOUR COURSE ~ Most of us have never been taught that the outcomes we experience in our lives are most of the time a result of the paths we’ve aimlessly chosen. The reality is we’ve each been given God’s creative power to craft our own path. Activate your supernatural powers by praying for direction and follow that path.
  3. GET SUPPORT ~ Here’s the thing beloved… YOU CAN’T DO IT ALONE! The Matrix is too strong! Even the Word of God speaks of one man being strengthened by another. If your heart is calling you to set your life on the course God has for you SAY YES to support!

Much love,
Coach Carmen

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