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How To Name It and Claim It!

Carmens_name_on_it_300x225I remember when believers who used manifestation practices like confessing their desires were often looked down upon. They were called the “Name It and Claim It” or “Blab It and Grab It” Bunch, as if that was a bad thing! I find it amazing how religion can take promises given to us by God and make people wrong for going after them! God-fearing people with wealth are often judged, questioned and made to feel guilty. I think that’s a mess, and it’s why so many are incongruent when it comes to receiving wealth and going after their Purpose-Driven Dream Life.

Not long before everything began to fall apart in my life, including my health, something amazing happened to me. While walking to my business A Scentimental Journey (bath & body shop) and Spirit Spa (day spa) one morning (which was near our apartment), I asked God how were we ever going to be able to buy a home with so much debt and no savings. At the time the real estate market was a “hot mess”, and mortgage rates were insane. I have to admit to you that I was a bit put off, because I couldn’t understand why we were lead to open the businesses if they were going to fail. With all the time, work and money we put in, we hadn’t seen any return after five years. The answer came in a still small voice. I remember hearing in my spirit “Don’t worry, just keep doing what you’re doing.” It was then that I released the fear and lifted up my Shield of Faith once again.

There are a few things that I never stopped doing even when my faith was slipping like praying and saying my affirmations. I also continued to tithe to my church and sow financial seed into ministries I partnered with.

A few weeks later, we learned that we had inherited a debt-free home. The timing couldn’t have been better. But here’s the kicker. When Tony was preparing to paint the walls in the attic for his art studio, he came across something written in black marker underneath layers of dirt. When he wiped the wall down it read Carmen. He took the above picture before plastering. I had never been in that room in my life, in fact it was previously occupied by a man we didn’t know. Here’s something else, for years I ended my affirmations with “I claim it now, I have it now, Jesus paid for it, MY NAME IS ON IT, and I thank God for it, In Jesus’ name!” WOW!

I named it and I claimed it; and I continue to live co-creating my life with God that way! There’s stuff with your name on it beloved, but you have to name it and claim it!

~ Coach Carmen

Biblical Laws of Attraction ~ 90-Day Dream Quest In 2 weeks we will begin this results achieving program. Join us to awaken your desires and get pulled into action. Your faith will become supercharged and laser intense. Your, mind will develop an impression that’s so real, it will command the universe to begin “connecting the dots” for you. God’s universal laws and principles will obey you when you begin respecting them. Laws and principles are absolute, if you know the combination of a lock it doesn’t matter who you are, that lock has to open for you, IT’S LAW.

Your Thoughts Are Becoming Things! Part 2

David_Lorna_and_Us(1)God has already given us every desire of our heart. It’s all available in the spirit realm as unseen substance waiting for us to “call” it into the seen realm.
That’s what I decided to do to come out of my “Cocoon Experience” back in 2010. After months of desperately studying, and filtering the movie “The Secret” through the Word of God I wrote “The Biblical Laws Of Attraction”. That led me to attracting one of the stars of the movie. This is me and Tony with David Schirmer and his wife Lorna. David and I met on Facebook and ended up becoming personal friends after he started reading my posts on the subject. If you’ve seen the movie “The Secret” or read the book you will recognize him as the “Car Parks Guy” and “The Checks-The-Mail Guy”. David is a rags-to-riches Holy Ghost-filled, Christian millionaire. When they came to visit from Australia we brought them to church with us. We took this picture while at my late sister Darlene’s home where we had dinner with her and her family. I’ve interviewed David several times and my first international (private) client was a lovely Australian woman who was referred to me by him.
The thing most people don’t know is that their “purpose-driven dream life” and everything else they’ve been believing for is patiently waiting for them in the spirit realm. There’s money in your heavenly account, and of course there’s that “thing” you’ve been called to do. Jesus said that we are to ‘call those things that be not as though they were’. He also said that we would do greater works than Him through the Holy Spirit. It’s time that your God-given desires be made manifest on the earth.
My work is to not only teach people how to eat and live holistically, but to encourage them to become Master Manifesters. It’s time to awaken the true you… the “Super (natural) being”, and begin utilizing your Supernatural powers. There are spiritual laws and principles that when followed, opens the door to the impossible (Matthew 19:26). It’s time to walk in the fullness of your powers so you can do that “thing” you were called to do to make the change you want to see in the world. Laws and principles are absolute, if you know the combination of a lock it doesn’t matter who you are, that lock has to open for you, IT’S LAW!

~ Coach Carmen Abercrombie

Biblical Laws of Attraction ~ 90-Day Dream Quest
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