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Your Desires Are Waiting For You ~

The thing most people don’t know is that their “purpose-driven dream life” and everything else they’ve been believing for have been patiently waiting for them in the spirit realm. There’s money in your heavenly account, and of course there’s that “thing” you’ve been called to do. Jesus said that we are to ‘call those things that be not as though they were’. He also said that we would do greater works than Him through the Holy Spirit. It’s time that your God-given desires be made manifest on the earth. God has already given us every desire of our heart. It’s all available in the spirit realm as unseen substance waiting for us to “call” it into the seen realm. Laws and principles are absolute, if you know the combination of a lock it doesn’t matter who you are, that lock has to open for you, IT’S LAW.

It’s time to awaken the true you… the “Super (natural) being”, and begin utilizing your Supernatural powers. You are a child of the Most High God, a citizen of a Kingdom with spiritual laws and principles that when followed, opens the door to the impossible (Matthew 19:26). I want to teach you, through the Word of God to not only eat right and live right, but to become a Master Manifester. It’s time to walk in the fullness of your powers so you can do that “thing” you were called to do to make a difference in the world.

Much love,
Coach Carmen

The Wealth & Health Connection

Carmen-At-Cassi's-Event-Full-ViewHappy ‪#‎ManifestationMonday‬! Yesterday I had the pleasure of speaking at the “Cancer Survivors Lifestyle Journey To Success” Conference at Cumberland County College. The life-transforming event was hosted by my sister-friend and business client Cassandra Tindal. The stories told by the many beautiful women who were cancer survivors made me even more determined to get my work out there everyday.
My talk was entitled “Packing Your Purpose” (How To Turn Your Pain Into Power and Your Purpose Into Prosperity). I shared that the bigger your mess the bigger your mission. Not even sickness can stop us from our mission, in fact it’s often the thing that fuels our mission. It’s the Wealth and Health Connection.
God has a purpose and a wealth plan for each of us and I have discovered along the way that money likes to feel like it’s on purpose (that it has a reason). It also likes to have a container (a plan). This is why it’s so important to tap into the expansion that God has for your life. Ask God to reveal your purpose and open up the BIG PICTURE that you can only see in the spirit realm. To do this you’ll first have to disconnect from the world’s influences and your own limiting beliefs and connect to God’s precious promises. His word is filled with these precious promises. When we meditate on them they develop within us a completely different mindset about how we should be living. And believe me it’s a lot more expansive than the way we’re living now. ~ Coach Carmen

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