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sad businesswomanI have a question for you beloved… What are you waiting for?
Okay I’ll admit there has not been much in my life “I thought” I wanted to do that I didn’t try. When you read the “About Us” page on my website you’ll see what I mean. Are you like that? Most people are not! The average person has been programed to look for a “good job” with benefits, go on a yearly vacation and wait with bated breath for retirement. Is that you? If so that’s not a bad thing. However, if you have a burning desire for more, I’m here to encourage you to stop waiting. You know me; I’m the Kingdom Health Purpose & Wealth Coach… that’s my job!

Most people wait for so many things before they allow themselves to follow the desires of their heart.
They’re waiting for a “yes” or approval from someone else.
They’re waiting for God to show them an angel or some other spectacular sign.
They’re waiting until “enough” money comes in.
They’re waiting for the timing to be right (that’s a joke).

I ask you; where does FAITH fit in with all of this waiting? If God says wait then wait! That’s the only clarity you need! I know with all of my heart that if God gives you the green light you don’t need anything to make sense in the natural.
The other thing I know is that He will never overwhelm you by telling you to complete the full picture all at once. In fact He usually does not give you the full picture all at once. Often times it can just be an unction to fly out to an event that can cause the dots to begin to connect.

I’m all about crystal, clarity; however I say don’t let the lack of 100% clarity stop you from moving forward. Just start moving with God and before long He will reveal more and more. Remember that the Holy Spirit will always meet us where we are.

It’s not always prudent and responsible to wait for that EXTERNAL confirmation that what your heart is pulling you towards is OK. Especially if you’re ignoring and devaluing something so much more important — your internal confirmation!

Your purpose-driven desires are a much better compass as to what you “should” be creating in your own life and in the world. Your purpose-driven desires were given to you by God, and they are meant to lead you. They are NOT there to be stuffed down and ignored and delayed until they can somehow be made to appear reasonable to other people!

I had ups and downs in my life for sure beloved, I mean “Can we talk”, however when I followed my desires to grow a community of liked-minded others I created a lifestyle that I love. I became a light to others who see the example of me living my purpose. This is well pleasing to God!
I suggest that you do what I did… Shake off the trauma, drama, sickness and lack! Stop waiting, and start creating because that’s what you were created to do!

Much love,
Coach Carmen

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Born To Win… Programed To Fail

Finish LineWhat’s Blocking My Greatness? Have you ever asked yourself that question? Whether you are seeking to heal your body, gain mental and emotional wellness, become your ‘healthy weight’, end a debilitating addiction or self-sabotaging habit, unplug from the “Medical Matrix” or are desiring to learn a healthier way of eating for you and your family I am ready to dedicate 100% of myself to help you. My only requirement is that you believe me when I tell you this… IT IS NEVER TOO LATE TO LIVE NOT ONLY A GOOD LIFE BUT A GREAT LIFE.

I believe we each have a destiny of greatness, because we were created by a great, glorious, loving God and are seeds of Abraham and joint heirs with Christ Jesus. And to be sure that we would receive our inheritance God worked it out so that we would be redeemed from every curse by the blood of Jesus. With all that we’ve been given one may ask why then are most Christian living so beneath their potential. The answer is that we have not been activating our Supernatural endowments nor walking in the redemption that Jesus paid the ultimate price for. I’m sure you’ve heard all of this about God’s precious promises many times, however NOW IS THE TIME that you RECEIVE (the promises) and BELIEVE (the promises) with every fiber of your being. I can hear many of you saying I have received and do believe the promises. That’s wonderful, however there is another step that must be taken to live in the full and consistent flow of God’s abundant blessings. It is the step that most believes never take. The third step is to ADAPT the promises that you receive and believe, to your thoughts, your words, your actions and your feelings every day, all day. II Corinthians 4:13 “We having the same spirit of faith, according as it is written, I believe, and therefore have I spoken; we believe, and therefore speak;” It’s called the LAW OF ADAPTATION. This is the only way to live in this world free from the curses of this world. It is the only way to live an abundantly rich, bright and brilliant purpose driven life.

Imagine if in addition to church you had a someone that could help you to receive, believe and adapt the promises of God into your life? Imagine if that person’s job was to encourage you not give up on your dreams of health, wellbeing, peace, wealth and living life perfected in the Beloved. Well that is exactly wanted I have be called to do. Let me help you discover or rediscover your destiny of greatness. Let me help you Renew Your Mind, Heal Your Body, Brand Your Brilliance and Monetize Your Mission.

Why Do I Need A Personal Coach?
The road to success should never be traveled alone. Everyone needs a coach. Regardless of who you are, and what you are doing in life, if it involves achievement and growth of any kind you will need a personal coach. Every church leader and passionate believer needs a Holy Ghost filled, holistic health, wellness and life transformation coach, a “Kingdom Coach”.

What Does A Personal Coach Do?
In general a life coach does what, let’s say the coach of an Ice Skater or Track Runner would do to prepare a client for the Olympic Gold. As a believer the Kingdom of God is our gold, it’s our treasure. It is where the overflow of blessings lay, and it resides within each of us. II Corinthians 4:7 “But we have this treasure in earthen vessels, that the Excellency of the power may be of God and not of us.” A successful life coach helps define and crystallize the dreams, desires, goals and Divine purpose of their clients. Once that is accomplished the coach creates a plan of action specially designed for each individual client. After the game plan is established an effective life coach offers, programs, systems, and tools their clients can implement for effective results and life-transforming change. The coach mentors, directs and supports their clients until their dreams, desires, goals and Divine purpose has been successfully reached. Finally the coach encourages their client to celebrate their successes and offers ways for them to do so.

Much love,
Coach Carmen

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Join Me On A Juice Fast ( Let me coach your for FREE!)

Juicing5I’m taking 100 of God’s people on a NO COST mind & body transformational journey. The vehicle is my “Juicing-4-Jesus” Detox Program. I’m sowing this 28 day experience as seed for my life.

Greetings beloved! The many loved ones in my life who have died way too early from controllable circumstances including my mom (41), my dad (52), my brother (38) and recently my big sis (60) have inspired me to give generously, care deeply, and FIGHT DOGGEDLY FOR RACIAL LIFE TRANSFORMATIONAL CHANGES in the lives of God’s people.

Have you been praying for physical, mental, or emotional health issues to go away? Have you been pleading with God to help you to lose weight and body fat? Perhaps you’ve been desiring a closer connection with the Lord (and who isn’t these days). I believe that your answer is in a Juice Feast Detox.

As a Kingdom Health, Purpose & Wealth Coach, one of the main things I try to instill in my clients and students is that detoxing is not just about physical health, it’s about gaining control over your soul and your life.

You see, until you cleanse, and actually nourish your body, you’ll forever have trouble with your mind, your will, and your emotions. When you gain control of your soul, you can finally live the Purpose-Driven Dream Life you were created to live

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