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The Quickest Way To Wealth

Money_Facuet_CoinsHave you ever heard expressions like…”She’s too close to the forest to see the trees” or “He searched the world for pearls when he had diamonds in his own backyard”? Unfortunately expressions like these hit closer to home than most people realize. That’s because the average person has no idea that the life they’ve been longing for is hidden within the good, bad and ugly parts of their own experiences. Now I know you may be saying something like “Coach Carmen what are you talking about”, but keep on reading because this will bless you.

Many of God’s people who desire to fulfill their life’s purpose find themselves stuck in a state of helplessness and procrastination, or so confused about what to do, that they find themselves chasing one “bright, shiny object” after the next, only to find it’s “fool’s gold”. Sadly even more have lost their way as a result of being emotionally broken and wounded by a “COCOON EXPERIENCE” such as illness, or some other tragedy. Here’s the thing… No matter what mindset or “Cocoon Experience” that’s been keeping you stuck in lack and limitations, within it all lies untold blessing and gifts that when unleashed will not only transform the lives of all the people you’re meant to serve, but will make you wealthy. The bottom line is, nothing you’ve experienced in life can keep you from your “purpose-driven dream life” when you accept the fact that those experiences are what gives you the authority to do and share what God has given you to do and share in a way that only you can.

So how does all of this equate to expeditiously obtaining wealth? Well when you tap into the value of a one of a kind life experience and put it into a clear system or process to help others who are going through the same thing, people are drawn to you (with money in hand) like moths to a flame. The KEY is knowing how to put it all together, how to language it, and turn it into a program, product or service that people are looking for and even praying for.

I love guiding my Package Your Purpose® clients through the process of what I call “Turning their mess into their mission” by discovering their value in the marketplace. It not only opens their eyes to clearly see how their pain is connected to their purpose, it positions them to turn it into a marketable and profitable resource. When clients come to me with a specific gift or talent that a million other people have, I use this same formula to help them create an amazing, one of a kind, purpose-driven career. You see when you infuse your unique life experience good or bad with your natural gifts and talents you become unstoppable. This sets you up so that you can clearly communicate the value of what you are here to offer to the world, so much so that folks feel called to work with you (and even THANK YOU for the opportunity to work with you!).

Your unique system connects you to your heart, and helps you become very clear about your purpose as an AUTHENTIC offering. Developing your own system, program, or step-by-step process helps you appreciate yourself, value your worth and boldly share what you have to offer to the world – it raises your frequency! It is also the #1 way for you to stand out from the crowd… Hands down! Remember God’s Glory Is In Your Story!

Can’t see it for yourself? Let me help you! It’s what we do at Sharing The Bliss. My greatest desire is to help believers connect to their purpose to find their most prosperous self NMW! (No Matter What). Just Click Here to fill out an Assessment Form and we will get right back to you lickity-split. We’ll set up a time to chat so I can hear more about your mess to mission story and see if we were called to work together. I know it really just helps to have someone to talk to, right? I look forward to serving and supporting you in the highest way!

Much love,
Coach Carmen

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The (9) Characteristics of Your Divine Right Clients ~

Happy #WorkItOutWednesday!
If you’re around me long enough you will most likely hear me talk about my Dive Right Clients. You so you may have wanted to know what or who are Divine Right Clients. Will I consider Divine Right Clients to be the people you were called to serve. People who are praying for you. It’s important for you to know their characteristics because they are exactly who you want to hone in on in your business.

1. They have problems you are willing, able and ready solve.
2. They recognize working with you is critical.
3. They are in many ways a reflection of you.
4. You really like them and they really like you.
5. They are Coachable (they listen and do)
6. They’re READY TO GO NOW!
7. They are willing to do whatever they need to do to pay for the help they need.
8. They really like you.
9. They will refer clients to you over and over.

Ahhhh…each and every one of those feel really wonderful, don’t they? (It’s a lot more fun to be pointed downstream in this department.)

The Law Of Expansion

-jumping-for-joy IIHello Beloved,

I like to choose a word for the year. I find that it helps to anchor me to a specific positive focus. It gives me a fresh new and easy (one word) point of attraction to keep me on course.
The word I’ve chosen for 2015 is “Expansion”. It really is a juicy word when you think about it. It’s actually one of the things that make Sharing The Bliss programs so transformational. It’s the thing that most people over 40 stop thinking about as they settle in to the status quo of the “Matrix”. Keep in mind when I talk about expansion I’m not just talking about expanding your thinking, but your entire life, your entire BE-ing! Think about it! Expansion allows us to better connect with our Father the creator of the universe. It pulls us beyond the world’s way (the Matrix way) and into the Kingdom way.

I get excited every time I speak with a potential client because I know that if they are accepted in a program they are ready for expansion (not everyone is).
When the Holy Spirit taught me the law of expansion it expanded me beyond my lack, my limitations and every messed up situation I was facing at the time. In fact, every program He’s guided me to create for Sharing The Bliss has expanded me further before I made a dime. The law of expansion causes everything that is in the space of that which is expanding to shift. It will either expand too, or move out of the way. The reality is, the bigger your God-given dreams, the bigger the support container you’ll need.

God has given me the instructions to create BIG programs (wombs, incubators containers if you will) that will allow passionate believers to stretch and expand in every area of their lives. A church service on Sunday, a couple of good books, and a retreat or two a year are wonderful (keep doing that), but they may not be offering a big enough container for you. You must expand your spirit, mind AND BODY if you want to fit into God’s plans for your life. It will begin with making an investment in TIME and BIG ENOUGH DOLLARS to STRETCH YOU, HEAL YOU AND/OR BIRTH YOUR MISSION.

So what are some of the steps required to expand, you may ask? Well here are seven that will surely work it you work them.

1) Decide that you no longer want to be constricted, held back and STUCK where you are.
2) Pray for expansion and mediate on God’s word day and night.
3) You must be willing to expand beyond your own self (which can be painful) by BE-ing the you God created you to be.
4) You must make a few radical changes in your life. (people, environment, lifestyle)
5) You will need to consistently visualize your expanded self.
6) You will have to align your words and begin speaking your expansion into exsistance.
7) You must get support from a mentor.

Yes beloved, this is what it takes to shake things up in the spirit realm and turn the universe in your direction. This is what it takes to open up the flood-gates of opportunities, manifestations and supernatural change. This is why Sharing The Bliss programs are literally saving lives, healing souls, setting the captives free, and empowering and expanding the wealth of God’s Kingdom army. Thanks for letting me share!

Much love,
Coach Carmen

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Happy Woman in Meadow

What dreams and desires do you have that when manifested will support God’s ultimate purpose for your life? You may say “Coach Carmen I don’t even know what my purpose is much less my mission. Most of my life has just been a struggle to survive.” I have a secret for you that the enemy doesn’t want you to know. YOUR MESS IS YOUR MESSAGE, and YOUR MESSAGE IS YOUR MISSION! Breathe that in…

I’ll always remember when God gave me the Mess To Mission principle. It was back in 2007 when I asked Him to not only heal my very sick body, but to heal my mind and emotions, my troubled marriage, and my overwhelming financial situation. I didn’t realize at the time that I was asking to be UNPLUGGED. I didn’t realize that it would take unplugging from the world (which I call the Matrix) in order to fully plug into the Kingdom of God where my bliss was.

While God was taking me through my total-life healing journey, He began revealing to me my TRUE LIFE’S CALLING, MY PURPOSE, MY MAGNIFICENT MISSION. He showed me how the premature deaths of my parents, and the passing of my (38) year old brother, the closing of my beautiful bath & body shop and day spa, the trouble in my marriage at the time, my sister’s “Medical Matrix“ nightmare that ultimately took her life, and the horrifying illness I was going through was all part of the foundation that my mission was going to be built on. Most people use their messy life situations as their reasons for not stepping out on that thing that’s in their hearts to do. They don’t realize that moving through the mess, I mean while in the middle of the mess is where their greatest POWER is. II Corinthians 4:6 “For God, who commanded the light to shine out of darkness, has shined in our hearts, to give the light of knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ.” I’m here to tell you that YOUR MESS and YOUR MISSION are totally connected. So let your mess be the fuel that ignites your mission, not the excuse that snuffs it out of you.

THE MISSION IS POSSIBLE: Remember Mission Impossible, the 1960’s television show? It was based on Secret Service agents that were given seemingly impossible assignments that they could choose or deny? God has given each of us a mission and that mission is our purpose, our calling. We have the choice to choose to except it or choose to deny it. In most cases the mission is over our heads (without Him). The difference is that, our divine mission is always possible when we cooperate with spiritual laws and principles, trusting that our victory has already been won through Christ Jesus.

Even with a prearranged fabulous future, the life we live is our choice and is created by our own fashioning. This is why it is so vital that we find our purpose, or as I sometimes say, that “thing” we were put here to do, and do it. There should be no question as to whether God would support us in fulfilling our mission and give us the desires of our heart, because He gave us Jesus. If He gave us His best we have entitlement to all the rest.

Like this message? I would love to share it with your faith-based group or organization. Call me to discuss it.

Blissful Blessings,
Coach Carmen
(718) 273-9772

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Happy New Year 2015 with fireworks background

Blessed New Year Beloved!

There was so much I wanted to say to you this glorious first day of 2015 that I didn’t know where to begin. Then it came to me that gratitude is always a good place to start. With that, let me begin by saying thank you for your love, your prayers and your support in 2014. I can’t tell you what it meant to have those of you who sent me messages of encouragement during the healing of my wrist, hand and arm this past year. It was a trying time but because of you and the miracle working power of God, I was able to push through and achieve my best year ever!

An awesome year it was indeed! We had an amazing (13) speaker online event called the Kingdom-preneurs 6 to 7 Figure Business Blueprint Telesummit with David Schirmer from the movie The Secret as our Key Note Speaker. As a result we now have a very active Facebook Group with well over 1000 Kingdom-preneurs. We’ve have our first “Package Your Purpose” (3) Month Group Coaching and Mastermind program with women from around the country (wait till you read their testimonies). We just ended our 1st Annual 12 Days Of Christmas Health & Wealth Gift Give-A-Way, and we’ve grown the Sharing The Bliss community over 300 per cent.

I’m so excited about helping you to renew your mind, heal your body and turn your purpose into prosperity in 2015 because this is your year! Can’t you feel it?

When God created you, He seeded within you a divine calling, a dream life that you are supposed to be living right now. Pursuing your purpose and living your purpose driven dream life will expose who you really are, and who’s you really are, to the world. However, as you know, in order to live that reality you must first get your mind, your emotions and yes your body renewed so that you line up with that reality. It’s what Sharing The Bliss is all about… YAY!… Can’t wait to get started!

Remember I’m here for you Carmen!

Much love,
Coach Carmen