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Carmen & Chris Nor

Carmen & Chris Nor

As the author of the Biblical Laws of Attraction you would guess that I have many law of attraction stories, and I do. My Chris Nor story is one of my favs because it represents how we each have the power to draw people and blessings to us or away from us depending on the vibrational frequency of our desires.

I like the actor Chris Nor so when I heard Law & Order was going to be shooting scenes in a home around the corner from our business, I set an intention to get out of my sick bed and have a picture taken with him for publicity.

I didn’t look very good. I was about 90 pounds and only half way through my recovery of the blood illness I was fighting. Because my skin was raw and inflamed, it wasn’t an easy feat to put on clothes. The strain on my face reveals that I was still pretty ill at the time.

Anthony and I opened our bath & body shop and day spa and prepared for business before walking around the corner. When we got there the street was full of people from the neighborhood and busy film crew. All spectators had been partitioned off. Even though we connected with the women who owned the home they were filming in (she had been to our store a couple of times), the tight security made it look impossible for us to get a picture with Chris. I went back to our store secretly wishing I had the opportunity the women had, I mean how awesome was this?

The good news is Anthony, who had his professional camera with him was invited by the home owner to take pictures in her home with her family. Because Anthony was with her he had no problem getting in. She got her pictures but none included Chris Nor. Why?… She got upset with the actor because when her younger son asked him if his gun was real he said yes and showed it to the boy. When Anthony came back to our store and told me what had happened I was stun that the women whose house was chosen for a Law and Order episode didn’t get a picture with the star while he was in her home.

Not affected I held on to my intention of being photographed with Chris. As the law of attraction would have it, Anthony and I were lead to go back around the corner in faith. Everyone was gone except a couple of crew members. The next thing I knew, Chris Nor came out of the house, crossed the street to where we were standing, and said “Let’s take that picture.”

What was so amazing was, even with me looking the way I did, and what he had encounter with the home owner; he still offered to have a picture taken with me by Anthony. He was very warm and friendly and it was a wonderful experience.

Another interesting part of the story was that the Fortune Tellers who had a business in the neighborhood who were among the many spectators early, also returned (with camera in hand) right after we did. And guess what? They got their picture with Chris Nor too. This confirms that God’s law of attraction works for everyone who stays in vibration alignment with their desires regardless of their spiritual beliefs. It also confirms that no matter what blessing is given you, if you don’t align with it, you will miss the benefits of it. The women who owned the house that was chosen for the Law and Order shoot proved that perfectly.

Blissful Blessings,
Coach Carmen
(718) 273-9772

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Kingdom-preneurs 6-7 Figure Business Blueprint Facebook Group’s DEDICATED POSTING DAYS

Habit I’m thrilled with the success of the Kingdom-preneurs 6-7 Figure Business Blueprint Facebook Group. I created it for the Telesummit and God revealed to me how to use the group to continue supporting Kingdom-preneurs in the growth of their businesses.

One of the things we’ve done has been to dedicate a day of the week as specific posting day. Everyone is loving this because it is helping the group to stay constantly focused on actions that will move them closer and closer to their 6 to 7 figure business goal each week. If you have not joined the group during the Telesummit you can do so at the bottom of this post.

Once you do, add the following days to your marketing or business calendar so that you benefit from this wonderful support tool. We will be maintaining strict posting rules to insure that we stay committed to the focus of each day. Oh be sure to use the appropriate hash tag when posting. Enjoy!

#‎MoneyManifestationMonday‬ ~ Mondays around these parts are about planning for, and aligning with the amount of money you desire to bring in for the week. For best results, I suggest that you let us know what your bold money or business goal is for the week and how you plan to make it happen. Let’s inspire and encourage each other by commenting on posts. If you like you can come back on our Sundays to let us know how things went. Kingdom-preneur it’s time to awaken the true you… that “Super (natural) being” and begin utilizing your Supernatural powers to manifest wealth. You are a child of the Most High God, a citizen of a Kingdom with spiritual laws and principles that when followed, opens the door to the impossible (Matthew 19:26).

#‎TootYourHornTuesday‬ ~ Tuesdays is your day to let everyone know “your who” and “your do”. You can share your business, blog and your other social media links. Your own marketing and promotional videos are also welcome. Let your fellow Kingdom-preneurs know what events you have coming up. NOTE: If You have an urgent post you need to share please message me for the okay. If I don’t receive a request message, regrettably I will have to remove your post.

#‎WorkItOutWednesday‬ ~ On Wednesdays we review where we’re at so far and work out what needs to be done to reach our business goals for the week. This is a good day for us to share business related support tips and tools from companies you may have found that can help us stay organized and on track. Remember though THIS IS NOT A PERSONAL BUSINESS MARKETING DAY. We will also use this day to stir up Kingdom collaborations with our fellow Kingdom-preneurs right here in the group. Why? Because I’m on a mission to unleash the divine power of Christian Collaborations so that we can quickly, effectively and massively get our divine gifts out as beacons of light in this dark and hurting world.

#‎GiveThanksThursday‬ ~ Thursdays are a good time to inventory what you’re grateful for so far in your week. Did you make a great sale this week, sign up a new client, or complete a daunting project? Give God the glory and let the universe know by sharing your blessings with the group.

#‎FollowMeFriday‬ ~ Real friendships don’t usual just happen, we make them happen. It’s the same with building your list, your community or tribe. Follow me Fridays is our day to boldly and joyfully ask our fb friends and friends of friends to join our business mailing lists and/or to Like our Facebook business pages. Here are my suggestions: #1 Pay it Forward First (that should be easy to remember…double fs) by adding several names of Kingdom-preneurs you know to our group. That will work as seed sown towards reaching your Friday list building goal. #2 Shoot for adding 25 named to your mailing list. That’s 100 new names each month. #3 I have my clients write an Invitation Script that can be tweaked for each individual and fb message them while they’re online. Let encourage each other with this because follows are fundamental.

#‎SoulSatisfyingSaturday‬ ~ You’ve worked hard all week, so way not pick at least one juicy thing to do to satisfy your soul (your mind will and emotions) each Saturday? I suggest that you make a list of your fav things to do and plug one thing in your calendar each Saturday for the next few months. This way you can have enough time to plan it out, book it, put the money together for it, whatever needs to be done to make it happen. You deserve it Kingdom-preneur! Keep in mind that it can be as simple as going to your favorite park with a blanket and a book. Now of course enquiring minds (that’s us) will want to know about your plans that morning and how they turned out that evening. Pics and vids are always welcome.

#‎SabbathDaySunday‬ ~ The Lord said to “Remember the Sabbath day and keep it holy.” Share an inspirational scripture and perhaps why it’s special for you. You may want to share your best Sunday Service take away. And of course it’s a great day for prayer requests. Let us know what do you need us to stand in agreement with you on for the upcoming week.

** If you have something important that you wish to share with the group on an off day message me.


10 ~ Telesummit Closing Ceremony (Video Winners)

Woo Hoo! Today was not only Day 10 of the 30 Days to Health & Wealth Video Series we had the Closing Ceremony of the Kingdom-preneurs 6-7 Figure New Millennium Business Blueprint Telesummt!

I did laser Coaching with our 4 Video contest winners. I can't tell you how proud I am of each of them, none of which had every done a business related video before.
The Grand Prize Winner won a full scholarship to the Package Your Purpose (3) Month Group Coaching Programing starting in September.
It's amazing how many lives we touch when we shake off our insecurities and step out of the boat. Thank you all for pushing your edge, getting visible and sharing the beautiful gifts God gave each of you!

Day 9 ~ My Secret Formula For Weight Loss

Are you finally fed up with your unhealthy physical, and perhaps even mental, and emotional conditions or strongholds? Are you like many believers who have been praying for years to be delivered and have had hands laid on you time after time again, yet you’re still in bondage. Have you tried it all?

You may have even done the "Daniel Fast" but the thought of giving up your favorite foods forever is hard for you to bear. Well have no fear, this is your time. I believe that I have the answer to what you've be praying for. There's the good news beloved, what I'm going to share with you is going to help you heal your body, and mind, lose that unwanted weight, and unplug from the "Medical Matrix" for good, while totally satisfying your taste buds.

30 Days of Health & Wealth: Day 8 ~ How To Heal Your Body Drug Free

I have a secret that your medical doctors will never tell you. You can heal virtually any illness (mental or physical) with the right organic food and alkaline water. Did you know that?

No one wants to talk about the fact that it is food more than anything that keeps us connected to the Matrix (the world). Do you know that food is the gateway to all other additions and strongholds? We’re allowing ourselves to be over-medicated, over-fed (inorganic, toxic food) and under nourished when what we really need is detoxification and whole (organic) food.

God taught me methods for helping His people get rid of years worth of toxic waste from the body as well as the deepest parts of their minds.


On Day 7 I talk about having to extend the deadline for my Video Contest because so many people are afraid to do videos. I wanted to encourage you (in love) to shoot your first video and remind you that you have lives to bless so get over it! :)

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Day 6 ~ How To Make Time Expand For You

Welcome to Day (6) of the (30) Days of Health & Wealth...OMG! I just completed the final Telesummit training module which was with our Key Note Leader-Teacher David Schirmer from the movie the Secret. Here's the optin page of the Telesummit

Any who, after listening to David, I feel like it's TIME to activate our Supernatural powers. It's TIME to handle TIME. Not in the flesh or in the natural, that doesn't work, but rather in the spirit realm. Why? Because we can!

Day 4 ~ About My Kingdom-preneur’s Telesummit

It's Day 4 of the Health & Wealth Video Series and today I wanted to share my "Kingdom-preneurs 6-7 Figure New Millennium Business Blueprint Telesummit" with you.
Grab your FREE PASS
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Enter the Video Contest...
Who wants to win the Telesummit GRAND PRIZE the Gold Pass Upgrade that includes the "Package Your Purpose" (3) Month Group Coaching Program, plus a One-On-One Lazer Coaching Session with me at the Closing Ceremony?

Here are the three things that MUST Be In Your Video:

1) Your name (and business if you have one) and what you do. 2) An invitation for your audience to sign up for the FREE Kingdom-prenurs 6-7 Figure New Millennium Business Blueprint Telesummit (attach this link in the info area underneath the video so they can sign up)
3) The reason why you signed up for the Telesummit yourself.

Day 3 ~ (3) Things That Keep Us From Manifesting Wealth

Welcome to Day (3) of our 30 Days of Health & Wealth series.
Today is #MoneyManifestationMonday so lets talk about the three major things that keep us from manifesting wealth.

#1 No spiritual and physical plan of action
#2 Having a plan but not aligning with it through daily affirmation, meditation and visualization
#3 Not executing the plan on a daily basis