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More On How To Win The Telesummit Grand Prize

So who wants to win the Telesummit GRAND PRIZE?
It’s the Gold Pass Upgrade that includes the “Package Your Purpose” (3) Month Group Coaching Program, plus a One-On-One Lazer Coaching Session with me at the Closing Ceremony?

Great!…Well first you have to enter by Shooting A YouTube Video. I’ve teamed up with Antoinette Sykes who has a wonderful program to help you win called ‪#‎ShootTheVideo‬ Watch her video to learn more.



Do you know about the Kingdom-preneurs 6-7 Figure New Millennium Business Blueprint Telesummit Give-A-Way? You should!

Each week of the event I’m having 2 Give-A-Ways. Prizes include THREE chances to be laser coached by me. Yup, this is YOUR opportunity to get my anointed eyes on your biz and laser coach you live on August 1st during our Closing Ceremony.

But that’s not all… I’m also giving away a few Sharing The Bliss Coaching Programs including a GRAND PRIZE the VIP Gold Pass which includes a Full Scholarship for my “Package Your Purpose” Group Coaching Program starting in September. (Normally priced at over $1,500)

First of all, you have to get your FREE PASS to the Telesummit at
To be in the running for any of the Give-A-Ways you have to get visible. How? By being responsive in the Facebook group with comments and/or on this Blog with comments, retweet, and facebook Likes. This means joining the conversations I’ll open up each day about the upcoming module. You don’t have to be on every day however, weekly winners will be the ones most consistent with engaging comments.
Enter the Grand Prize by creating a Short Video (webcam is fine) and upload it on Youtube and onto our Facebook Group page. It doesn’t have to be fancy just heartfelt.

Here are the three things that MUST Be In Your Video:
1) Your name (and business if you have one) and what you do.
2) An invitation for your audience to sign up for the FREE Kingdom-prenurs 6-7 Figure New Millennium Business Blueprint Telesummit (attach this link in the info area underneath the video so they can sign up)
3) The reason why you signed up for the Telesummit yourself.

Video Entry Deadline: Tuesday July 22nd

This is what New Millennium marketing is all about. You must be bold, and you must be visible. So commit to stepping into this new way of doing business by creating and sharing your video. Not only will it put you in the running for a really great prize, you’ll be telling the universe that you’re ready for exponential growth.
So come join the Facebook community, visit the Blog and start thinking about how you can get creative with your video entry.

I can’t wait to connect with you and see your video.

Blissfully yours,
Coach Carmen

Telesummit Video Fashions

Oh My Goodness! After (6) months of planning and doing, the Kingdom-preneurs 6-7 Figure New Millennium Business Blueprint Telesummit begins today! It will be a Double Feature day with the Opening Ceremony at 4pm EST and Blueprint Module #1 broadcasting at 7pm EST. Can someone say Woo Hoo?
God is in this event beloved, so get ready for a major shift in your life both financially and spiritually. Did you say you hadn’t signed up yet. Well you better get to gett’n. Here’s the link

I had fun picking out my clothes (including shoes) for the Telesummit videos. I know you may not see my shoes in the vids but this way you can get to see them anyway teehee.

Create and Claim Your 2014 Financial Bliss Plan (Part 2)

anointed-handsOkay… It’s time to plan out your Financial Bliss for the rest of the year. As I mentioned in Part 1, this may seem totally impractical to you right now. But you aren’t a practical being, you are a spirit being. Allow your spirit-man to take hold of your soul and dominate your circumstances. You’ll be amazed at the power that will be released. Read Romans Chapter 8.

Step 1 What is the cost of your monthly outflows for both your personal and business? Go through your financials and really figure this out, and when you do don’t panic.
Personal: ________________
Business: ________________
Total: _________________
Multiply that number by (6) months to get your outflows for the rest of the year: ____________

REMEMBER: We serve a BIG God who’s ready to give us the desires of our hearts (when we seek Him first). If your number is “BIG” that’s a good sign that you are ready for a BIG life.

Step 2: Don’t get caught up in so called reality right now. Think like the Kingdom heir/heiress that you are and write out the desires of your heart for the rest of the year. If everything was working in divine way, in perfect order how would things look for you on December 31st 2014? What would you have? What would you be doing? Think about the months ahead of you and everything that you would like to accomplish.

Here are some examples:
• Giving (ministries, family, friends etc.) ____________
• Weekly organic food shopping ____________
• Pretty new lingerie, clothes, shoes, jewelry ____________
• New Car ____________
• Fun short trips or a long trip ____________
• Romantic short weekend getaways ____________
• Events you want to attend ____________
• A Support Team for your home and personal life ____________
• A Support Team for your business and professional development (coach, coaching programs, assistants, copy writer, photographer, graphic designer. Image stylist, social media experts, videographer media etc.) ____________
• New technology- like a computer or a camera ____________
• New home, house furnishings ____________
• A big event such as a wedding, a child, a new home, your own workshop or event ____________
• Travel adventure in Europe ____________
• Savings for financial freedom accounts ____________
• Self-care: massages, hair, facials, pedicures, retreats ____________
• Giving (ministries, family, friends etc.) ____________
Anything else???

Step 3: Now that you have your list…
Write a number representing how much money each desire will cost. You may have to do some fun and involved research to find out how much all of your desires will be. Look online or go out and GO window shopping!

Step 4: Uncover your Financial Bliss Plan.
Total up the cost of your desires above plus your yearly total biz and personal number. That number is your financial goal (your financial bliss) for the next 6 months. Write it below.
My Financial Bliss is: ________________________

Your Success Assignment:

Get your calculator out, dream, visualize and identify your 2014 FINANCIAL BLISS. Once you have it, write it down on an index card. Read it, study it and meditate on it daily.

Next week, I’ll share with you how you can actually create your plan of action for claiming this Financial Bliss.

I have much love for you!
Coach Carmen
(718) 273-9772

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