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Are You Living On The Edge?

humpty-dumpty-n00039637-bAfter over a decade of working in the wellness field, in January 2007 I did a Humpty Dumpty and “fell off the wall”. Yes, this Holy Ghost-filled, tongue-talking, church-going, seed-sowing, tithe-tithing woman of God became a broken women. I cannot say it didn’t happen without warning. I felt the fall coming. There were actually many times I caught myself before rolling too close to the edge, but this time I couldn’t seem to catch myself.
What I’ve since learned was that, my roots weren’t planted as deeply as I thought in Christ, so when the “perfect storm” came I toppled over big time. Romans 11:18 tells us… “Do not boast against the branches. But if you do boast, remember that you do not support the root, but the root supports you.”

All that glitters ain’t gold. You see, no matter how “spiritual” you are on the outside, if your thoughts, words, feelings and actions are not in vibrational alignment with God, then neither will they be aligned with His blessings, protection and favor. The thing is, when you understand the vibrations you’re emitting, you’ll understand why you’re getting what you’re getting.

You may drift by for years, being out of alignment with Jesus, but the Word warns us to ‘give no place to the devil, because he roams about seeking who he can devour’. Ephesians 4:27.

My #1 goal was to manifest healing in my body. Being holistic, I chose not to take the conventional medical approach. I did several detoxing techniques and became a Raw Vegan (something I longed to do for years). Throughout each day, I drank alkaline water, took the Word of God like medicine, and spoke healing over my sick blood cells. I was homebound for over a year during my “cocoon experience”. With all that I was doing right, I knew that I needed more to go beyond saving my life, to living my true purpose.

The good news is, while I was in my most desperate, broke, and broken state, I asked God to give me the key to total-life transformation. He answered my prayer by giving me the steps to High Vibrational Living (Kingdom Living). When I discovered the POWER of aligning my soul, and every cell in my body with the Anointed One and His Anointing my life did a 360.

With God ALL THINGS are possible. Since then, my body and soul have been totally restored, my marriage is juicier than ever, and we live in a continuous overflow of jaw-dropping blessings and over-the-top favor. And best of all, we’re both living the life God created us to live. WE’RE FREE AND WE’RE LIVING OUR BLISS. Anthony, my husband is no longer working at his stressful job as a Middle School art teacher, but rather creating art fill-time in his own art studio. I’ve closed the doors to my oppressive retail and spa service business, and am now blessing thousands, just by sharing my passion with the world. Can someone say Praise Him?

Much love,
Coach Carmen