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Saline Flush For Daily Colon Care

Can I get a little personal? Okay alot personal. I know, but somebody better talk about this. The fact is I usally only share this information with my 28-Day Body & Soul Detox and private clients, but I was lead to share it with you.

Of all the effective options for elimination support, the saline flush is by far the easiest, least expensive and most effective. For these reasons, I have been using it as a daily colon cleansing treatment for close to two years now.
Here are the most common questions my clients and students ask.

What are the benefits? The Saline flushes the entire alimentary canal from beginning to the end. Colonics, although similar in some respects, clean only the colon. Additionally, after it has cleaned the alimentary canal, it will begin to clean at the cellular level, removing toxins and wastes that may have accumulated in and around the cells. Thus, the body can absorb nutrition from the food, and the cells can absorb the nutrition from the body. A saline solution passed through the intestinal tract draws from the lymph stream large quantities of lymph. One purge may eject one whole gallon of waste matter and toxic fluid from the lymph stream through the colon, which will usually be found to be excessively acid and loaded with poison from body waste. The acid toxic lymph expelled must be replaced by organic raw fruit juices other wise the poisons remaining in the intestinal tract will find their way back into the lymph stream.

Isn’t that much salt bad for you? No. The salt water solution is the same specific gravity (the same salt content) as the rest of the saline based fluids of the body. It therefore passes out of the alimentary canal without being absorbed or retained. Furthermore, once the system is clean and balanced, using a little salt to flavor your food will do no harm because the body is functioning properly, eliminating wastes, and absorbing nutrition as it should. As a result, the body can easily process salt along with other minerals and vitamins.

Will elimination become dependent on this salt water cleanser? No. If you use the salt water often, preferable every day, the waste elimination process in the body is given assistance, which is particularly important today when there are so many pollutants and contaminants in our air, water and soil. At any rate, should you stop using the salt water, your body will go back to eliminating waste as efficiently (or as inefficiently) as it did before.

Should I take it every day? Yes, if possible. In addition to promoting healing, most likely will find you have more energy, feel better, are less prone to many illnesses, including obesity.

What if the salt water does not come out my colon? It’s OK; it only means your kidneys need flushing. Keep taking it; eventually your kidneys will be flushed and it will start to work on your digestive tract.
How long do I have to wait before I can eat breakfast? Because it takes five minutes or less for the salt water to pass out of the stomach and into the small intestines, you can eat breakfast five minutes after finishing the quart of salt water. There are people who have been using the salt water flush or purge every day for over 20 years. I personally may never stop because I have a very slow, stubborn colon.

What is the procedure? First thing in the morning, before eating or drinking anything, drink one quart of tepid water into which you have measured exactly two teaspoons of salt. The measurements must be exact. Measure the water into a measuring cup or a jug with a quart mark (.95 liter) clearly indicated; measure the salt by placing it into a measuring teaspoon and then leveling it off with the straight, back edge of a knife. Some teaspoons are full teaspoons when they are rounded. Be sure the teaspoon you use can be leveled off. Drink the quart of salt water in about ten minutes. You have up to a half hour to drink it all, so you do not have to “chug” it, though chugging works for me. Stay near a bathroom, because a short time later the salt water will be eliminated through your bowels and colon carrying waste material with it. The salt water mixture has the same salt content as the other saline fluids in your body, like blood, tears and sweat, and therefore passes through it without being absorbed or retained. When the body recognizes the salt water as an extra “portion,” if you will, of waste eliminating fluid, it says, “Great. I think I will use it to help eliminate all this waste that is accumulating in here.” Once it dumps the waste matter into the salt water, it flows out of you mixed along with a lot of junk. After that waste is gone, which may take as long as a few months, the body starts cleaning on a cellular level. The digestive tract is a pressurized system. The capacity of the stomach is about two cups (.47 liter) liquid. After drinking one-half of a quart of salt water (two cups), the pressure created in the stomach opens the valve between the stomach and small intestines. At this point the salt water flows into the small intestines and begins its cleaning work there. After drinking two more cups and finishing the quart, the further pressure from the additional two cups opens the valve between the small intestines and the large intestines, and the salt water begins its cleaning work in the large intestines. Eventually the water is eliminated through the colon, taking a lot of garbage with it.

The reason we want the digestive system to be clean is so that it can absorb nutrition. Nutrition from most food, after digestion, is absorbed into the blood stream through the walls of the small intestines?, which are lined with small, hair-like brushes called villi. The spaces between the villi are where nutrition is absorbed. These spaces must be free of waste material in order for vitamins, minerals and nutrients to pass between them, through the intestinal walls and into the blood stream. When the salt water cleans out the spaces between the villi, nutrition on can be absorbed as it should.

So there you have it. This information can be life saving to many people like me with slow colons. Remember as always check with a doctor of natural medicine before making dramatic changes with your diet.

Much Love,
Coach Carmen

Heal Your Mind & Body Now (with Living Food)

healthy plate sisterAre you ready to heal your body, get supercharged and clear your brain fog? Would you like to reverse the signs of aging, strengthen your spirit and lose that fat forever? Would you like to be sexier to your spouse? Are you ready to live a life of Kingdom bliss?

About nine years ago, I was very interested in going raw, at least long enough to heal my sick blood and intestines. No one I knew had a clue about it. Sadly I eventually gave up the pursuit and paid a serious price. When it all “hit-the-fan” in 2007, it was raw organic food that played a huge part in saving my life.

Replacing cooked food with RAW ORGANIC FOOD is the simplest way to heal your body and restore your soul.

In Genesis 1:29 “And God said, “See I have given you every herb that yields seed which is on the face of the earth, and every tree whose fruit yields seed; to you it will be for food.” And just in case it wasn’t clear enough for us, the Word continues in Genesis 2:8-9 by saying… “The Lord God planted a garden eastward of Eden, and there He put the man whom He had formed. And out of the ground the Lord God made every tree grow that is pleasant to the sight and good for food.” God placed the first man and woman that He created in a garden and lavishly supplied it with fruit trees and leaves for food and medicine… HELLOOOO!!!! :-)

Today we call it Raw Food, Living Cuisine, or Raw Vegan Food. It’s simply food that consists only of plants, fruits, seeds, nuts, and sprouted grains which have not been cooked or heated over 118 degrees. The reason this food is considered raw or living is because their enzymes have not been destroyed. Cooking food not only destroys the delicate enzymes, it causes food to lose much of its nutritional value. Enzymes are what give food life. They are the catalysts responsible for cleansing, rebuilding and rejuvenating our blood, bone and tissue. Vitamins, minerals, oxygen, proteins and carbohydrates depend on the power of enzymes to feed, heal and rebuild. No wonder most Americans are tired, overweight, sick, are simply not living life full-out. When you consider that every function of our bodies is dependent on enzymes, it’s a miracle that we’re able to exist as well as we do.

I list 57 reasons to eat Raw Organic Vegan at below is a list of 10.

1. You’ll nourish your body on a cellular level.
2. You’ll allow your body to self-heal.
3. You’ll raise your vibrational frequency to closer match the Kingdom.
4. You’ll have more energy.
5. You’ll become your healthy weight.
6. You’ll never have to diet or count calories again.
7. If you’re sick now you’ll recover much faster.
8. You’ll reverse the signs of aging.
9. Your body will naturally wean itself off medication.
10.You’ll begin to heal skin diseases including acne, eczema and psoriasis.

You don’t have to jump into a 100% raw food lifestyle, nor do I suggest it. The best way to get started is by following the Juicing-4-Jesus Program. So your assignment for this week is to go over to and read about the program. From there pray, and ask the Holy Spirit what you should do. You notice I said ask the Holy Spirit, not you. :-)

With love,

Coach Carmen

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black-butterflyHow was your week beloved? This week was bitter-sweet for me. You see we had to say good bye to someone in our Sharing The Bliss Community who we truly loved. Peggy Engram was part of our first 28-Day Body & Soul Detox Program at St Phillips Baptist Church on Staten Island, in February 2011. She was one of my biggest supporters at the time. I’ll never forget that she along with other Detoxers from St Phillips traveled all the way to East Brunswick, NJ to attend my sister Darlene’s funeral that December, even though they had never met her. I decide to keep her video up on the website because I was lead to. I believe that is the way she wants to be remembered, full of joy, full of faith, and as beautiful as ever. Good Bye sweet Peggy!

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Blissful Blessings,

Coach Carmen

P.S. Subscribe to the Free Sharing The Bliss Ezine and receive our Get Started Now Golden Gift Bundle which includes my signture “From the Matrix To The Kingdom” 7 Day Mini Course, “Miracle Meals The Heal” Dessert Recipes, and a Complimenary Transformation Activation Session with me as my gift at